Meet Harry Belafonte’s Wife As The Actor Passes Away At 96

Harry Belafonte, whose birth name was Harold George Bellanfanti Jr., was a prominent Jamaican-American singer, actor, and activist who gained worldwide recognition in the 1950s for his role in popularizing calypso music. His album Calypso, released in 1956, was a groundbreaking achievement, as it became the first-ever million-selling LP by a solo artist.

Harry Belafonte was a trailblazing actor, singer, and civil rights activist who passed away on April 25, 2023. While the world mourns his loss, fans are curious to know more about his personal life, particularly his marriages, and children. In this article, we take a closer look at the women in Harry Belafonte’s life.

Know About Harry Belafonte’s Wives

Harry Belafonte was married three times during his life and had a number of children with his wives. Let’s take a closer look at the women who were important in his life.

Marguerite Byrd: The First Mrs. Belafonte

Harry Belafonte’s first marriage was to Marguerite Byrd in 1949, before he became a successful musician. While not much is known about Marguerite, she had a small role in the 1959 movie Night of the Quarter Moon. The couple had two daughters, Adrienne and Shari, who are now 68 years old. Adrienne was in her dad’s documentary Sing Your Song, which came out in 2011. She also started the Anir Foundation, whose goal is to help people understand other cultures through service opportunities. Shari is also an actress and singer. She has been in movies and TV shows like The Player and Hotel.

Meet Harry Belafonte's Wife As The Actor Passes Away At 96

No one knows why Harry and Marguerite broke up, but in her 2013 book Passion for Life, Joan Collins said that she had an affair with the singer while they were working on the movie Island in the Sun. Collins said that Harry was “mesmerizing” and crew members would tease her “relentlessly” when they saw Harry give her “suggestive glances” on set. “We soon began an affair, away from prying eyes, in my tiny apartment. But, after a few exciting liaisons, we knew we had to cool it. He went back to his wife and I moved on,” she wrote.

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Julie Robinson: The Longest-Lasting Relationship

Harry Belafonte’s longest-lasting relationship was with his second wife Julie Robinson, whom he married in 1957. The couple were married for 47 years before they divorced in 2004. Julie was also an entertainer, having been a dancer when she met the iconic singer. She was also an actress, making her on-screen debut in 1954’s Mambo. She had roles in 1956’s Lust for Life and 1971’s A Safe Place, and worked with Harry in the 1972 flick Buck and the Preacher.

Meet Harry Belafonte's Wife As The Actor Passes Away At 96

From their marriage, Julie and Harry had two children: David, who is now 65 years old, and Gina, who is now 61. Gina followed in her parent’s footsteps and became an actress, starring in a number of projects, including the 2018 movie Blackkklansmen. David also tried his hand at acting and modeling. In the 1990s, he had a few small parts. The Belafonte Family Foundation is now run by him.

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Pamela Frank: Harry Belafonte’s Final Love

In his final years, Harry Belafonte was married to photographer Pamela Frank. They tied the knot in April 2008, four years after Harry’s divorce from Julie Robinson. Despite her high-profile marriage, not much is known about Pamela’s personal life because she often stays out of the spotlight. Over the years, Pamela went to many events with Harry, and whenever they were pictured together, they both looked happy. They were married until 2023 when Harry died.