How Many Times Has Jeniffer Lopez Been Engaged?

Jennifer Lopez, nicknamed J.Lo, may sing that “love doesn’t cost a thing,” but her past engagement rings speak for themselves. People questioned how many times J.Lo has been engaged in the past after news that the 51-year-old singer/actress and 45-year-old ex-MLB slugger Alex Rodriguez had broken off their two-year engagement.

So, how many times has Jennifer Lopez been married? What about Ben Affleck’s rumored engagement? Here’s the deal:

J.Lo’s most recent engagement ended in March 2021, right around the time when fans were going crazy over reports that Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy and A-Rod were FaceTiming.

The A-list pair released a statement shortly after about how they were working on their relationship. But, just over a month later, the two revealed that they were no longer together.

How Many Times Has Jeniffer Lopez Been Engaged?

J.Lo has been married how many times?

J.Lo has not had an easy life. She’s been in the spotlight since her breakthrough in 1997 as the titular character in Selena. She wanted to be an actress, but audiences were so taken by her popstar performance that she was thrust into the spotlight. It’s no wonder, then, that J.Lo has had her fair share of relationships — and, unfortunately, breakups — during the last 25 years.

J.Lo had four previous engagements before A-Rod. She married three times out of the four engagements. She had a few additional partnerships along the way as her fame grew. Her growing celebrity has made every divorce much more painful for her fans.

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Throughout her long career, J.Lo has been engaged to five different men.
J.Lo’s first marriage and engagement took place in 1997, when she married Ojani Noa, an aspiring actress, writer, and artist who worked as a waitress at the time. The couple split up 11 months later, but the turmoil lingered for a while longer. J.Lo won a lawsuit in 2007 that prevented Ojani from writing a memoir on their marriage, according to People. He also attempted to release a honeymoon tape, which J.Lo refused to release.

How Many Times Has Jeniffer Lopez Been Engaged?

Following her breakup with Ojani, J.Lo began dating Sean Combs, known as P. Diddy, or Puff Daddy, aka Puffy, aka Diddy. They were arrested outside a club shooting in Times Square in 1999, but J.Lo was freed right away. In 2003, J.Lo told Vibe, “I was in a relationship with Puff where I was really depressed, insane, and insane. It threw my entire life into disarray.” It’s a good thing they didn’t get married!

When J.Lo got engaged to dancer and choreographer Cris Judd, she rapidly moved on from Diddy. In 2001, the couple married rapidly and divorced even faster in 2002. “Stress from the paparazzi [ultimately] strained their relationship,” according to Women’s Health.

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After 2002, J.Lo’s most well-known engagements occurred.

J.Lo went on to have three high-profile engagements after her divorce from Cris. In 2002, she met Ben Affleck during the filming of Gigli, a critically criticised film. Fans’ sole positive experience with the film was their engagement, which occurred just a few months later.

Ben proposed to the “On the Floor” singer with a $1.2-million pink ring that restored the popularity of bright stones. In 2003, however, “Bennifer” unfortunately postponed their wedding barely a day before the ceremony, and they divorced soon after 2004.

How Many Times Has Jeniffer Lopez Been Engaged?

Marc Anthony, the father of J.Lo’s twins Emme and Max, was her longest relationship to date. Marc Anthony and J.Lo were the embodiment of celebrity love and passion wrapped in talent. Both were of Puerto Rican ancestry and grew up in New York City, and according to J.Lo’s memoir, True Love, the first thing Marc ever said to her back in 1998 was, “One day you’re going to be my wife!”

Marc and J.Lo remained friends and collaborated on various musical endeavors, beginning in 1999 with the video for “No Me Ames.” J.Lo and Marc Anthony were now ready to explore their romance since “Bennifer” was no longer on the scene. They married in 2004 after a brief engagement (not to mention the $4 million ring he bought her). Unfortunately, they divorced in 2014 after splitting in 2011.

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J.Lo and Ben Affleck are back together!

When J.Lo and Ben Affleck announced their reconciliation in 2021, fans were ecstatic to see “Bennifer” back together over a decade after they had split up. Many speculations about a possible engagement spread quickly on social media, but none was confirmed until April 9, 2022. Jennifer announced the news in her J.Lo newsletter just days before she was photographed wearing a stunning ring on her finger by the paparazzi.

How Many Times Has Jeniffer Lopez Been Engaged?

Jennifer previously discussed their connection with People Magazine, saying, “It’s a lovely consequence that this has occurred at this moment in our lives when we can truly enjoy, celebrate, and respect one another. We always did, but now we appreciate it even more since we know how life may take you on unexpected paths.”

Best wishes to the happy couple! Let’s hope that this engagement leads to a wedding.