Is Alison Victoria Lesbian? Inside Her Dating Life

Alison Victoria is a well-known American television host, actress, and interior designer. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Victoria was captivated by the city’s architecture and skyline. In 1999, she decided to relocate to Las Vegas to attend the University of Nevada.

Following her graduation, she landed a job as an interior designer for Christopher Homes before eventually starting her own interior decorating business. Victoria’s popularity grew with her hosting roles on shows such as “Windy City Rehab” and others in the same genre.

Over the past year, Windy City Rehab host Alison Victoria has faced a lot of work-related issues, including lawsuits with her former primary contractor, Donovan Eckhardt, which ultimately ended their professional partnership. It’s been reported that Victoria referred to Eckhardt as her “work husband,” leading some to question whether she has a husband in her personal life.

Is Alison Victoria Lesbian? Know About Her Sexuality

Although there has been recent speculation about Alison Victoria’s sexual orientation, our research indicates that she is not a lesbian. Alison has been in a relationship with a man named Luke Harding since 2013 and the couple has been together for a significant amount of time.

Is Alison Victoria Lesbian? Inside Her Dating Life

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It’s important to note that Alison Victoria values her privacy and prefers not to disclose personal details about her life. Therefore, it’s not appropriate to make assumptions about her sexual orientation or pry into her personal life. We should respect her privacy and not take any rumors or speculation seriously until Alison herself confirms it.

Is Alison Victoria Currently Dating Anyone?

According to online records, Alison Victoria appears to have become single in April 2023. In a 2014 article for Chicago Splash, Alison talked about her relationship with Luke Harding, an insurance agent from Chicago whom she met on in 2011. The couple tied the knot in November 2013, with Alison saying that she married Luke because he liked her the most. However, it seems that Alison and Luke are no longer together, as indicated by further online investigation.

Is Alison Victoria Lesbian? Inside Her Dating Life

Alison is known to be a private person who doesn’t like to share details about her personal life, including her romantic relationships. Although she has expressed her strong feelings for her family, she rarely talks about her personal interactions. Hence, it was surprising to hear that she reportedly has a boyfriend.

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Although Alison, the host of Windy City Rehab, shared her IVF journey with viewers and expressed her desire to have children and preserve the option to do so in the future, there is no clear information regarding her current relationship status.