Is Hilary Farr Married To David Visentin? Know About Her Past Relationship!

Farr was born in the Canadian city of Toronto.  to a mother from Britain and a father from Canada.  Her mother was a member of the Church of England and an Anglican, and her father was Jewish.   Farr was brought up with both Jewish and Christian traditions. 

Farr grew up in London, where she went to the Royal Ballet School until she was 11. She wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up.

Is Hilary Farr Married To David Visentin? Know About Her Past Relationship!

She became interested in the theater and learned about interior design by helping her mother decorate the house she grew up in.

Here’s more about Hilary Farr, including her personal life and everything you need to know about her past relationship.

Is Hilary Farr Married Or Not?

Hilary is not married right now. From 1982 to 2008, she was married to Canadian TV producer Gordon Farr. On IMDb, he has more than 30 credits for writing and making movies. He wrote a lot of episodes for shows like The Love Boat, We Got It Made, and Hollywood Babylon.

Is Hilary Farr Married To David Visentin? Know About Her Past Relationship!

Even though their marriage didn’t work out in the end, they are very proud of their son, Josh Farr. Josh has three kids, so Hilary is a loving grandmother. Even though she was no longer married to Gordon, she chose to keep her married name, Farr, instead of going back to her maiden name, Labow.

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Are Hilary Farr and David Visentin Married? Rumored Relationship

More than 10 years have passed since HGTV viewers were first introduced to the real estate power couple. Even though they have great chemistry on the hit show and often have funny moments together, they are just friends. Hilary and David are not married to each other, but they are good friends and work together on a show.

In the show, the former actress and the real estate mogul compete to convince their clients to sell their homes or keep them. There are times when they really care about what they’re doing, but Hilary is always up for a challenge.

In September 2012, the Rocky Horror Picture Show star told Streets of Toronto, “There’s a real deep love between us and a really good, real, healthy competition.” “You’ll get what you see. We do bicker. We are very different. We love each other a lot. We laugh a lot with each other.”

Is Hilary Farr Married To David Visentin? Know About Her Past Relationship!

David agreed with Hilary that there should be some healthy competition on the show. Even when they’re not on TV, TV stars like to hang out.

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In November 2021, he told about his longtime co-star, “We’re good friends, and we hang out when we’re not working.” “We eat dinner together and talk about the show and life. But both of us are pretty competitive. So, even when we’re not on the show, we’ve been known to joke around, and we have to be very careful when we’re in public because sometimes we’ll just start going at each other. What you see on the show is similar to how we are with each other.”