Is Jessie J Pregnant? Here’s What We Know

Jessica Ellen Cornish is an English singer who goes by the stage name Jessie J. She was born and raised in London. When she was 11, she made her stage debut in Whistle Down the Wind on the West End. She went to the BRIT School before she signed with Gut Records and worked out a deal to write songs for Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

This weekend, Jessie J, who is 34, said she was pregnant. A year ago, she said she had a miscarriage. The singer, who is said to be dating basketball player Chanan Safir Colman, 38, posted videos of her pregnancy test, her first scan, and her growing baby bump to tell everyone the good news.

The next day, she showed a video montage of her first trimester with the title “woofy woof” and said that she had been “warned” about how she might feel.

She put clips of herself crying and puking in the Reels. She also talked about the good and bad things that have happened to her so far.

Is Jessie J Pregnant? Here's What We Know

In one video, she tells the camera, “I don’t even know how to describe how sick I feel.” She did, however, look a lot better in a later video that she called “Happy, grateful, and excited.”

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We only like her because she sent us a funny video of herself dipping a whole cucumber into a pot of hummus.

Jessie has been dating Chanan, a professional athlete, since April 2022. They’ve been seen together more than once, and in May of last year, she told In Touch Weekly that she was “properly in love” with him.

Even though Chanan hasn’t updated his Instagram since October 2022, fans have kept sending him congratulations for the upcoming child with Jessie.

Jessie J Once Talked About Being Bisexual

Jessie J was on the radio show “In Demand” on March 3, 2011, and they asked her about being bisexual. She said, “I’ve never denied it. Get over it, guys. I’ve gone out with both girls and boys. Whoopie doo.” Sophie Wilkinson of The Guardian says that Jessie J’s sexuality gives young teens confidence that “this does happen and this is normal,” especially young girls who may be unsure of their sexuality and identity.

Is Jessie J Pregnant? Here's What We Know

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In April 2014, Jessie J stopped being bisexual. She said, “It was just a phase for me.” But I’m not saying that everyone has a phase where they are bisexual. Laura Kay of The Guardian says that Jessie J’s coming out as bisexual “feels like such a loss for young gay or questioning people who look up to her.” Kay also wondered if the word “phase” sent the wrong message because gay people “find themselves fighting against” it all the time.

She calls herself a feminist and thinks that everyone should have the same rights as everyone else. She also thinks that as a woman, one of her jobs is to “be confident and not back down for anyone’s ego or suit.”