Is The Gorgeous American lawyer Laura Coates Pregnant In 2022? Find Out About Her Family With Dale Gordon

Laura Coates, an American lawyer, is also a CNN legal expert. She also runs a discussion radio show called The Laura Coates Show. Laura appeared pregnant at one of her concerts, according to fans, because of how she changed. In this post, we shall investigate if this is correct.

Because of her extensive expertise, she is referred to be a constitutional expert. She is recognised all around the world for her objectivity and ability to explain tough and emotionally sensitive themes clearly and objectively.

She created the best-selling book You Have the Right in 2016 because she understood the need of police accountability and improving relations between police and the community. Laura’s book cuts through the legalese to help ordinary people understand their First Amendment rights.

Is Laura Coates’ husband, Dale Gordon, the father of a child?

Laura Coates has not stated whether or if she is pregnant, so we cannot speculate till she does.

Because of a recent shift in her appearance, some suspected she was pregnant for the third time. Laura and her husband already have two lovely children.

Laura is delighted to be the mother of both a boy and a daughter. Laura cried when Sydney, Laura’s daughter, stated something concerning Laura’s skin tone.

Laura discussed her daughter’s plight on the SiriusXM show Urban View in 2018. Her daughter expressed dissatisfaction with her appearance. Laura was devastated when her daughter told her this.

Coates subsequently stated that she understands how her daughter feels since she, too, has been targeted because of her colour.

Laura Coates’ family history: a chronology of her connection with Dale Gordan

Dale Gordois n, Laura Coates’ husband, and they have a family. They’re overjoyed to have a son and a daughter. Gordon and Laura may not be together right now.

Laura has deleted all of her Instagram images of herself and her husband Dale. There are photographs of her daughter and son, but no photographs of her spouse. This might indicate that she and her spouse are no longer married.

Her father, who spent much of his youth in foster care, attended Amherst and went on to become a dentist. Her mother, whose parents were housekeepers, attended Smith and is now a Wells Fargo banker.

She also had two sisters who went to Smith and Amherst, but Coates wanted to go to Princeton and had other alternatives as a brilliant student at the elite St. Paul Academy.

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How much is Laura Coates’ Net Worth?

Laura is worth $2 million, according to wealthypipo. Laura’s annual salary as a senior legal commentator for CNN is around $100,000.

Laura is also the author of Just Pursuit, a riveting true-life narrative that takes a pioneering look at racism in the courts. CNN legal commentator Coates discusses her career as a prosecutor for the US Department of Justice as a woman of color in the book.

Laura also works as a part-time professor. She travels the country speaking about civil rights, social justice, economic empowerment, and “leaps of faith.”

She was formerly an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, where she prosecuted a wide range of violent offenses, including armed crimes, child abuse, and physical assault.


Coates attended college and received an A.B. Russ Nieli assisted him in writing his senior thesis, “The Legacy of Southern Redemption: An Examination of Felon Disenfranchisement Policy,” which was 122 pages long. In 2001, he graduated from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

In 2005, she received her J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Legal Profession

Coates began her legal career as an associate at the Minnesota firm Faegre & Benson. She left Faegre to work as an associate at the New York firm Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman.

She transitioned from a private practice lawyer to a federal prosecutor for the United States Department of Justice. She served as a trial lawyer in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division under the Bush and Obama administrations. She specialized in ensuring that people’s voting rights were upheld across the country. She was also an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, prosecuting severe felony offenses such as drug trafficking, armed crimes, domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault. She is not currently practicing law, and the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Office of Lawyer Registration has placed her on inactive status.


She joined CNN as a legal analyst in May 2016, and she is currently a senior legal analyst. Coates hosted two Oxygen Network documentaries in 2019. In the first, titled “The Disappearance of the Millbrook Twins,” Coates investigates the disappearance of two 15-year-old twins from Augusta, Georgia. She also hosted the documentary miniseries Murder and Justice: The Case of Martha Moxley, which investigated the death of 15-year-old Martha Moxley in Greenwich, Connecticut.