Is Paola Ramos gay? Who is Paola Ramos Dating?

Paola Ramos is a journalist from the United States. Ramos is a Vice journalist who also contributes to Telemundo and MSNBC. Ramos’ work is mostly concerned with Latino concerns.

Who is Paola Ramos Dating?

Paola Ramos is not in a relationship; she is single. There has been no mention of her being in a relationship. There is speculation that she is homosexual. However, she has opted to keep her personal life private, and as a result, there is little information regarding her relationship status.

His work at Vice has garnered him a high reputation and several award nominations. She received a GLAAD Media Award nomination for her work “The Latinx Drag Queens Spearheading HIV Activism on the Border.” She is currently an on-air contributor for Telemundo and MSNBC, as well as a speaker for Lesbians Who Tech + Allies.

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During Vice President Biden’s re-election campaign in 2012, she also served on his team in Chicago.