Jennifer Pedranti Husband: Is She Currently Dating Anyone?

Jennifer Pedranti is a new addition to the Housewives crew. As a yoga studio owner and a mother of five, her children’s ages range from five to 18. Jennifer is a passionate advocate for fostering both children and animals, and she recently adopted her youngest child, Dominic. Currently, she’s in the midst of a separation from her husband, Will.

Jennifer Pedranti and her former husband, William Pedranti, were married for 18 years before William initiated divorce proceedings, as revealed in legal documents obtained by Radar Online. Rumors of an alleged affair between Jennifer and her current boyfriend, Ryan, who is a member of CUT Fitness, have become a hot topic of gossip in their town.

This season, viewers will see her friendship with Tamra tested as she addresses these rumors and confronts challenging truths. Certainly, let’s delve into Jennifer Pedranti’s former husband and her current romantic relationship in this article.

Meet Jennifer Pedranti’s Amicable Ex-Husband William

Jennifer Pedranti and Will initially tied the knot in September 2002 and together, they welcomed five children: Dominic, Everleigh, Dawson, Grayson, and Harrison. Throughout their relationship, Jennifer relocated from their Oklahoma home to Orange County with their children, while Will remained in their original location. William is a successful biotech entrepreneur and executive, having co-founded multiple biotech companies, one of which was sold for a substantial $70 million. Interestingly, he also manages Jennifer’s family business, and the two share a home.

Jennifer Pedranti Husband: Is She Currently Dating Anyone?

Jennifer, a business owner, and Will, her former husband, separated in 2021. Jennifer is currently rumored in a relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian. Interestingly, Jennifer and Will maintain a very amicable relationship despite their divorce. It came to light on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” that Jennifer and Ryan’s relationship began while she was still married to Will. Now, let’s get to know the man who holds a special place in Jennifer Pedranti’s heart – Ryan Boyajian in the upcoming paragraph.

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Is Ryan Boyajian Jennifer’s Boyfriend: A Fact Or A Fiction?

In the official Bravo introduction, it’s suggested that Jennifer Pedranti was rumored to be involved in an affair with her current boyfriend, Ryan, who is a member of CUT Fitness. This gossip about her personal life has been circulating in town. In the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” fans will have the opportunity to witness the strain put on Jennifer’s friendship with Tamra as she grapples with uncomfortable truths and addresses the ongoing rumors surrounding her personal life.

This affectionate couple doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing their family life on social media. Ryan, a father of two sons named Cole (19) and Tyler (17), and Jennifer openly express their love for each other and their children online. Jennifer, in an Instagram post from April 2023, paid a heartfelt tribute to Ryan, showcasing their deep affection for one another.

Jennifer Pedranti Husband: Is She Currently Dating

A couple of months back, Jennifer Pedranti and her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, have been dealing with rumors of infidelity throughout Jennifer’s first season on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly on July 27, 2023, Jennifer, aged 46, opened up about the challenges they’ve faced due to these speculations. She revealed that they’ve had numerous discussions about it and that it has been occupying their thoughts because they find it difficult to comprehend.

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However, Jennifer expressed gratitude for Ryan’s calm approach in handling the situation, which helps keep her grounded. Despite the infamous “Housewives curse,” they believe their relationship is strong and won’t fall victim to it. Now, let’s delve into Jennifer’s conversation with her son, Dominic, to learn more about their heartfelt discussion. Stay with us to uncover the details.

Jennifer Pedranti Of ‘RHOC’ Discusses Adoption Conversation With Her 8-Year-Old Son

Jennifer Pedranti emphasizes the importance of maintaining an open dialogue with her youngest son, Dominic, regarding his adoption. During a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” the 46-year-old mother of five engaged in a playful moment with Dominic and her daughter Everleigh, who introduced a foster kitten to the family. Jennifer took this opportunity to transition the conversation from the kitten’s adoption to Dominic’s own adoption journey, while Everleigh left the scene.

Jennifer Pedranti Husband: Is She Currently Dating Anyone?

Later in their talk, Jennifer, who shares children Dominic, Everleigh, Greyson (13), Dawson (15), and Harrison (18) with her ex-husband Will Pedranti, posed a thoughtful question to Dominic, asking if he would like to meet his birth mother one day. She shared in a confessional that Dominic, being adopted, has occasionally expressed feelings of being different, which motivates her to keep the lines of communication open about his adoption.