Josh Allen is one of the NFL’s most exciting quarterbacks. Coming into the NFL, the young Buffalo Bills quarterback didn’t have much of a backstory. To get into the league, he’d have to go through a junior college and then the University of Wyoming. However, he has dominated since his breakout season in 2020, even leading the Bills to a long playoff run in 2021. Allen is not alone on his path; for the past four years, he has shared all of his highs and lows with his girlfriend Brittany Williams. Williams grew up in Firebaugh, a small hamlet in Fresno County, California, and now works as a pilates instructor. Allen’s success in the last three NFL seasons has been mostly due to her. Here’s Josh Allen’s girlfriend, Brittany Williams, without further ado.

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Josh Allen’s Girlfriend Brittany Williams

The couple has been confirmed to be dating since 2017, but they have known each other for much longer. As previously stated, the two had known each other since they were eight years old. Brittany was born and raised in Firebaugh, just a few miles from her future boyfriend. There was certainly some spark between the two as they grew up together, but nothing has materialized in a long time. Allen and Williams began dating in 2017, despite Williams’ claims in a few Instagram photos that they were flirting from the start.

Despite the fact that they had spent their entire lives in the same place, their connection only began when Allen was not selected by any neighboring institution. When the University of Wyoming phoned, he had no choice but to accept. Williams remained at Fresno State as a cheerleader at the time, and their romance flourished. As his time at Wyoming progressed, the two became more open about their connection. When the two attended the 2018 NFL Draft together, it was officially verified. Brittany congratulated Allen on being drafted by the Bills on Instagram.

Since then, their lives have been meticulously tracked across all social media platforms. Brittany enjoys posting images of the two all across the country, as well as cheering on her partner from the stands and on Twitter. However, her internet activities did present some problems at one point. In September of 2019, as the Bills prepared to extend their 3-0 start, a photo of Allen wearing a Tom Brady jersey was uploaded on social media. The NFL icon was still playing for the New England Patriots, the Bills’ next opponent, at the time. She explained her actions by claiming that Allen had been a lifelong follower of the Patriots and a tremendous fan of Brady. The so-called Bills Mafia was ready to forgive both their star player and his life partner as the Bills continued to succeed under Allen’s leadership.

Apart from her relationship with Josh Allen, not much is known about Brittany. Her boyfriend was born in April of 1996, about a month before her. She was also born in Firebaugh and went to Fresno State University. She majored in agriculture business and cheered for the Fresno State Bulldogs as a dancer and cheerleader. Williams is currently a Pilates instructor, but her reputation skyrocketed as her partner progressed through the ranks of NFL players. She manages an Instagram account with about 100,000 followers and provides a lot of fitness advice to those that follow her.

It’s also worth noting that Brittany Williams hails from a family of athletes. While little is known about her mother, her father was one of Fresno State’s top linebackers. Brittany’s knowledge of the sport likely stems from her bond with her father, who was the college’s star in 1994. Jordan, her younger brother, is also a football player.

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As previously stated, they have been officially dating since 2017, during Allen’s junior year at the University of Wyoming. Williams and her boyfriend relocated to Buffalo after finishing their educations in 2018, and they have been living together ever since. However, their lives are not just focused on Buffalo and their travels with the Bills. According to Williams’ Instagram, the couple normally spends the NFL offseason traveling around the world, visiting a variety of interesting locations. The couple appears to be having a lot of fun together, and while no wedding bells have yet been sounded, they appear to be quite happy together.

Regardless of the circumstances, here’s hope Brittany Williams and Josh Allen’s love continues to stand the test of time. Regardless, we know very little about Josh Allen’s girlfriend, Brittany Williams.

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