Know About Lana Rhoades’s Baby Father! Complete Information!

Lana Rhoades, who used to act in adult films, recently used social media to criticize her child’s biological father in public.

The former porn star, who had tried to stay out of the limelight in the past, posted a video in which she criticized an NBA player she didn’t name.

Last year, when Rhoades told everyone she was pregnant, rumors about who the baby’s father began to spread quickly on the Internet.

Know About Lana Rhoades’s Baby Father! Complete Information!

Her ex-boyfriend, Mike Majlak, said that he is not the father of her child. She told him that the NBA player she cheated with “is a Virgo who plays for the Brooklyn Nets.”

Her ex-name boyfriend is tattooed on her arm, and for years, people have made fun of him online because he made her pregnant. He had nothing to do with it, however.

Even though Lana Rhoades‘ baby’s father has never been found, internet detectives have put together clues from the adult film star and are sure that one of two NBA players is the father. If you haven’t been paying attention, the two most likely suspects are Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant.

Learn About Lana Rhoades’s Baby’s Father

Lana Rhoades and her son are in a new video that has gone viral. Lana Rhoades used to be a pornstar. When rumors started going around that an NBA player was the father of Rhoades’s son, the two of them got a lot of attention from the media.

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There’s a good reason why Rhoades and her child’s most recent video is getting a lot of attention online right now. Uncanny, but this kid looks a lot like a certain athlete.

Know About Lana Rhoades’s Baby Father! Complete Information!

In case you haven’t heard, the key players here are Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant. Now that this new video is out, it looks like the detectives on Twitter have already solved the case.

The vast majority of people were quick to point out how much the child looked like Griffin:

Lana Rhoades’ baby has started to look like Blake Griffin now that he or she is a few months old. The baby has dark eyes and curly red or brown hair, just like Griffin does.

There Isn’t Any Other Proof Right Now, But One Thing Is Clear: Kevin Durant Is Safe

Do Blake Griffin or Lana Rhoades have any proof that he is the father of the child?
Even Lana Rhoades hasn’t said anything about the father of her child. Still, she seems to have confirmed that it’s a player from the NBA.

Kevin Durant

Blake Griffin just signed with the Boston Celtics as a free agent. He hasn’t said anything about rumors that he is the father of some of the young players on the team. After this latest turn of events, it’s not likely that the former All-Star will speak up, either.

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Kevin Durant was brought into this story when Rhoades said she had a date with the best player for the Brooklyn Nets. Even though KD brought a second date, she wasn’t too excited to spend the evening with him.