Know About Toni Collette And Dave Glafassi Divorce!

After nearly 20 years of marriage, Toni Collette and her husband Dave Glafassi have decided to split up. This is because Collette is said to have kissed another woman, Shannon Egan.

Toni Collette and her husband Dave Glafassi shared a joint statement on Tony’s Instagram account on December 7 to say that they were getting a divorce. They told each other that they were breaking up in a kind and grateful way. They also said that even after they split up, they will still care for and respect each other.

Know About Toni Collette And Dave Glafassi Divorce!

In the statement about what they call the “united” decision, they said that their kids, Arlo, 11, and Sage, 13, were their top priority and that they will always do well as a family. Also, they thanked everyone for giving them space and love during this very important time.

When Did Toni Collette And Dave Glafassi Get Married?

Toni Collette and her ex-husband Dave met when they were both drummers for the band Gelbison in the year 2000. The two fell in love, and in 2003, they got married. On January 11, a Buddhist ceremony took place.

Toni Collette said she was over the moon when she found out she was having a baby. She was actually pregnant while making her last few movies, which she thought were great. She also thought that the universe was telling her that everything was happening at the right time.

Know About Toni Collette And Dave Glafassi Divorce!

At the time, her publicist said that the whole family was proud and happy to share the news that a baby boy had been born. After that, in 2011, Arlo was born in Australia. In 2008, their first daughter was born.

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Toni Collette Finalized Their Divorce With Husband Dave Glafassi

Toni Collette shared a quote on Instagram right after she said she was getting a divorce. The quote said that no matter what, you can make anything happen if you want to.

It seems that the news of the breakup got out when Toni Collette’s husband, Dave Galafassi, was caught on camera kissing a young chiropractor on a Sydney beach. Also, she had worked in that field as a doctor for more than 15 years. The woman is said to have majored in both women’s health and children’s health.

The picture showed the couple, who had just started dating, kissing and holding hands on the beach and in the water and sand at Manly Beach.

The alleged couple showed up at the spot around 7:30 am on Wednesday, and a witness saw them having fun together in the water. They hugged and kissed each other in front of everyone, and when they got back to shore, they each brought coffee and drank it while talking.

Know About Toni Collette And Dave Glafassi Divorce!

At one point, they were talking so much that Toni Collette’s husband was seen leaning toward him with his shirt open and sunglasses on while balancing his arm on the sand wall. In many of the pictures, his tattoo was clear, so he had no choice but to admit that it was him who was walking around the beach with his supposed girlfriend.

Toni got a divorce as soon as she found out her beloved husband was cheating on her with another woman.

But neither Toni’s rep nor Dave’s rep has said anything about the matter.

Toni Collette turned off her Instagram account earlier this year, but no one knows why. But on November 2, she turned it back on by posting a photo of herself peeking out of a train window while holding a cup with a birthday wish written on it. She wrote in the caption that she was back. About a week after she got back, the 50-year-old Statewat actress told everyone about her breakup.

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The divorce was announced in an Instagram post that said “PEACE & LOVE” and looked like a bouquet of flowers.

Know About Toni Collette And Dave Glafassi Divorce!

After the divorce news came out, a picture of Dave Galafassi and Toni Collette on the red carpet at the 2006 ARIA Hall of Fame at the Regent Theatre in Australia on August 16, 2006 went viral.

Toni said in 2019 that Sydney was their home because they had moved there for good. She had navigated to many different places, but she felt more at home in Sydney. She loved Sydney, its people, and its tribe, so it felt right.

It seems like it was the best year of her life. She was living with her sweet family in a neighborhood, and she used to call Dave “supportive,” “caring,” and “loving.”