Laura Dern’s Plastic Surgery: Know About Her Opinion On Beauty Treatments

Laura Elizabeth Dern is an American actress who was born on February 10, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for her role in the famous movie Jurassic Park.

She was married to Ben Harper from 2005 to 2013. They had two beautiful children, Jaya Harper, and Ellery Walker Harper. She has won a lot of awards, including an Oscar, a Primetime Emmy, a BAFTA, and five Golden Globes.

Laura Dern, who was in Jurassic Park, is one of those actresses whose acting and good looks have always pleased and amazed the audience. Many people think that the actress from the 1970s has had plastic surgery to keep her looks. Let’s hear what the actress thinks.

What Is Laura Derns’ Net Worth?

The actress is thought to be worth about $20 million. Since the 1970s, the actress has had a lot of fans and has been very successful.

Laura Derns’ Plastic Surgery: Know About Her Opinion On Beauty Treatments

She makes most of her money from acting, but she also works with other people and promotes brands.

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What Laura Derns Said About Plastic Surgery?

In one of her interviews in November 2019, Laura Dern was asked if she had ever had plastic surgery. She gave some really smart and interesting answers.

People can now get Botox and plastic surgery thanks to new rules from the government. Now, licensed doctors and dermatologists will be able to do the process in a way that is completely legal and has fewer side effects than older methods.

“Medicine and cosmetic health are getting better, and now that we have more ways to take care of ourselves, I think traditional plastic surgery will soon be a thing of the past,” said Laura.

She goes on to talk about how hard it is to keep up with society’s expectations and how, as someone in the entertainment industry, it’s hard to figure out how to keep one’s looks, even though people do go through certain things.

Laura Derns’ Plastic Surgery: Know About Her Opinion On Beauty Treatments

“No matter what we do for a living, I don’t think we can avoid the pressure to look a certain way,” Laura said. “But we’re working hard to change the culture and make a real paradigm shift when it comes to ageism, racism, and the things that make us feel less, like the color of our skin or the wrinkles or spots on it.”

The former Big Little Lies actress also talked about how she and her former co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Zo Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley talked about skincare when they were filming the HBO show.

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Laura told the outlet, “Reese and I even have the same facialist.” “It’s a group of women who have been working together for months. We all want to take care of our skin and have tried different fads. Zo told me about a face mist that was so lovely. And I’m always looking for organic makeup and companies that are good for the environment, which Shailene knows a lot about.”

After reading so much about Laura’s views on plastic surgery, it’s pretty clear that the actress hasn’t had any plastic surgery and is aging like fine wine.