Mrs. and Miss! Since they started dating, Maryse Ouellet and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin have become the “It” couple in the world of professional wrestling.

“My wife is undoubtedly my biggest supporter, in my opinion. Nobody supports me more, the WWE superstar said in February 2021, according to the Metro newspaper in the United Kingdom. “Whenever she is outside — when she was serving as my manager outside the ring, she inspired me, and she improved me.”

Know all Details about Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin, and Maryse Ouellet's Relationship!
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When his wife was gazing at him while he was wearing a Speedo, he said, “Honestly, you sorta stand a bit higher, to be honest!”

The Miz, who wed the former WWE Divas champion in February 2014, also attributes his post-Dancing With the Stars workout routine to his wife. (He participated in the season 30 competition alongside Witney Carson.)

The former Real World contestant said to reporters, “I wouldn’t even know if you guys can tell, but I’ve shed a lot of weight,” in October 2021. I’ve probably shed 15 pounds since I started. I’m attempting to become in dancer-like form.

However, Ouellet was not as taken aback by her man’s trimmer figure and even advised the choreographer from Utah that he needed to eat more.

Maryse dislikes how slim I am. The Miz informed Us that she like me when I’m a little bit fatter and meatier. “Dancing here makes you feel as though you aren’t getting enough to eat. In all honesty, I’m only beginning to develop that body. It will take a lot of weight training for me to get back into wrestling shape when I do.

Know all Details about Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin, and Maryse Ouellet's Relationship!

When their daughter Monroe was born in March 2018, The Miz and Mrs reality stars added to their family.

“No matter what, I’m here for her. One month after Monroe’s arrival, the Ohio native, who also has a daughter named Madison with his wife, exclusively told Us: “I’ve never had somebody have that much influence over me. “I wanted to be the kind of father that could hold my baby, feed her, and generally be there for her. I want to be the father present. I’d want to meet her. Her physique and face both change every every day, as does everything else about her. It’s absurd.

As they manage their demanding professions in and out of the ring with parenting their two girls, The Miz and the founders of Madroe Productions’ romance has flourished over the years.

Mothers do not take vacation days. Every day of the year is filled with concern, support, fear, and love. Oh, and mom, mom, mom. Hey, mom, mom. What? I omitted. LOL, I appreciate Maryse doing all in her power to constantly put a smile on our girls’ faces. The Miz gushed on Instagram in May 2022 after renewing his vows to the Canadian native in December 2021. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t take a moment to reflect on how genuinely awesome you are. now and every day, #HappyMothersDay. I cherish you.

To relive the WWE couple’s whole relationship chronology, scroll down:

On July 6, 2006, Ouellet participated in the WWE Diva Search, which The Miz hosted. The Wrestlemania alum was captivated from the beginning even though she was ousted in the second round.

January 2013
After the famous athlete proposed, Ouellet tweeted, “Feb 21, 2013, is a day I will always remember, such a lovely day and night @mikethemiz.” The world’s happiest girl is me, declares she.

February 2014
The couple tied the knot in a charming Bahamas wedding ceremony a year after The Miz proposed.

March 2018
When daughter Monroe Sky was born on March 27, the Challenge veteran became a father for the first time.

2019 September
The Miz revealed that the couple was expecting their second child during a WWE Elimination Chamber performance in February 2019. On September 20, Madison Jade, a daughter, was born.

2020 January
Miz & Mrs, the couple’s reality TV show, debuted in January on USA Network and follows their courtship and parenting experiences.

March 2020
The parents of two initially desired a “herd of kids,” but after having back-to-back infants, they altered their views.

We predicted that there would be a lot. exclusively told Us The Miz. We are now finding that raising two children is a whole other level of parenting; you can only spend so much time with one before the other requires your attention. How much time do you actually have if you have so many kids with you to give them the love and encouragement you think they need to succeed in whatever it is they want to achieve? As a result, it’s one of those things that we say, “We’ll see in time.

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July 2021
Mom and dad are prepared to go out! Before going on a date in Las Vegas, Ouellet captioned a restroom selfie of the couple.

Dec. 20, 2021
On Christmas, just after their live WWE wedding vow renewal, they stayed close.

June 2022
The Miz and Ouellet took their girls on a summer vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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