Who Is Nicole Walters’ Husband? Meet Her Boyfriend Alex

Nicole Walters is a businesswoman, CEO, founder, and podcaster. She is known for her business expertise, which has helped numerous business owners take their businesses to the next level. Despite her professional success, Nicole’s personal life has also garnered attention, especially her romantic relationships and past marriage.

Nicole recently shared a video on her Instagram account, which revealed that her boyfriend had proposed to her. After her post people are more interested in her personal life. In this article, we’ll dive into Nicole Walters’ love life, past marriage, and her relationship with her adopted daughters.

Meet Nicole Walters’ Boyfriend

Nicole Walters is currently in a relationship with a man named Alex. In October 2022, Nicole took to Instagram to announce her relationship with Alex, posting several pictures with him and captioning them with a heartfelt message about growth and acceptance.

Nicole has been dating Alex for almost a year, and she often talks about how he fills her soul and makes her feel grateful. She has also mentioned that her past divorce left her feeling inept and unsure, but her relationship with Alex has made her feel loved and accepted as she is.

Recently Alex proposed to her with a beautiful ring. The proposal was a complete surprise, as he had meticulously planned a romantic date on the beach with stunning decorations. After enjoying the ambiance, he finally popped the question with a beautiful ring, and Nicole happily accepted his proposal, expressing her heartfelt emotions. It was a magical moment that left both of them feeling incredibly happy and in love. It is worth noting that after experiencing a painful divorce from her ex-husband, Nicole found love again with her new partner, and this proposal marked the beginning of a new chapter in their relationship.

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Nicole Walters Was Previously Married To Josh Walters

Nicole Walters was previously married to Josh Walters, who she referred to as “Hubbin.” They shared a beautiful family together, including three adopted daughters Daya, Krissy, and Ally. Nicole and Josh were on a date night in October 2014 when they spotted a mother and her toddler on the side of the road. They found out that the family was in a tough situation, so they offered to raise the kids, who were 14, 11, and 3 at the time.

Who Is Nicole Walters' Husband? Meet Her Boyfriend Alex

Nicole revealed that “We have a choice right now. These girls need people, you know, and I grew up poor. I know what it’s like to not have. I also know what it’s like for people to make promises and not fulfill them.” Even though she is busy with her own business, she makes time for her daughters. She was worried about her eldest daughter when she went to college as she couldn’t contact her for three days. Her daughter was watching Netflix and hanging out with her new friends at the time, and there was nothing to worry about.

Although there were speculations in the past about Nicole and Josh splitting up, they managed to get through it without any problems. However, as of now, they are no longer together.

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Know About Nicole And Josh’s Divorce

Nicole Walters and her husband Josh have already divorced. In her podcast, she mentions that “Divorce is a scary process in general, what with all the paperwork and finalization and signatures and all that, and I’m not even sure how I’m going to manage some of the things.” She has been careful not to talk about her marriage, especially over the years, and never liked to post or talk about difficult times. If she ever did, she always made a point to fix the problems in her marriage.

Who Is Nicole Walters' Husband? Meet Her Boyfriend Alex

All About Nicole Walters’ Daughters

Nicole Walters is a mother to three beautiful daughters, Daya, Krissy, and Ally, whom she and her ex-husband adopted in 2014. Nicole has been very open about her love for her daughters and how they have brought so much joy to her life.

In her podcast, Nicole mentioned how worried she was when her eldest daughter, Daya, went to college and did not contact her for three days. However, it turned out that Daya was just hanging out with her new friends and watching Netflix, and there was nothing to worry about.

Nicole has been an excellent mother to her daughters, and even though she is busy with her business, she makes sure to make time for them.