Richard Irvin dating Laura Ayala Clarke – Know All Details!

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, who is currently running for governor of Illinois, was arrested last year for allegedly hitting a security officer at a marijuana shop by Aurora police.

He told a police officer that the accusations against her “would be taken care of,” according to a police report obtained by the Aurora Beacon-News and Chicago Tribune. She was charged with a minor municipal infraction, a battery ordinance violation.

The fact that Irvin showed up at an Aurora police station in connection with his girlfriend threatens to smear the image he’s trying to build through a relentless, tough-on-crime ad campaign in a GOP primary contest where he’s positioned himself as a law-and-order candidate.

Richard Irvin dating Laura Ayala Clarke - Know All Details!

Irvin disputes the police report’s interpretation of his statements, arguing that it implies he used his position as mayor to sway the accusations against his then-girlfriend, Laura Ayala-Clarke and that this was “very bad.”

Campaigns for elections

After incumbent Mayor David Stover declared he would not seek a third term, Irvin announced his desire to run for Mayor of Aurora in 2003.

Despite the fact that the election was nominally nonpartisan, Tom Weisner got support from Democrats, including former Senator Barack Obama. After defeating Irvin in April 2005, Weisner received 59 percent of the vote.

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He was elected as the first African American Alderman At-Large to the Aurora City Council in 2007.

Irvin stated during the 2008 campaign that he would run for mayor against Weisner.

Irvin ran on overturning Weisner’s 7.5 percent property tax hike, and he fought Weisner’s tax increases during his first term. Weisner defeated Irvin by 8,379 votes to 3,291 votes in April 2009.

On April 4, 2017, he narrowly defeated Richard “Rick” Guzman, the mayor’s assistant chief of staff, by 7,574 votes to Guzman’s 7,404 votes in Aurora’s 59th mayoral election.

For the first time, an African-American mayor has been sworn in.

Richard Irvin dating Laura Ayala Clarke -  Know All Details!

Irvin defeated Alderman Judd Lofchie and union carpenter John Laesch to win reelection to another four-year term on April 6, 2021, with more than 55 percent of the vote.
On January 17, 2022, Irvin announced his intention to run for Governor of Illinois as a Republican in the general election of 2022. Avery Bourne, an Illinois state legislator, is his running companion.

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Who Is Richard Irvin’s Girlfriend?

Laura Ayala Clarke, Richard Irvin’s girlfriend, was arrested last year for punching a security officer at a marijuana shop, according to the oldest police records. When Richard arrived on the scene, one of the officers assigned to the raid claimed that the claims against his girlfriend Ayala will be ‘taken care of.’

Laura was charged with a minor municipal offence of ordinance battery violation after some paperwork.

Richard is honing his image as the virtuous law and order champion while still running for governor of Illinois. His ephemeral reputation has been damaged by a year-old case that revealed his involvement with his girlfriend Ayala’s drug-buying website while still married to his wife Crystal.

Richard Irvin dating Laura Ayala Clarke -  Know All Details!

Richard’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he split up after the incident and bail, was arrested for assaulting a marijuana industry security guard by Aurora Police. Richard then explained his comment about being “cared for” as a simple statement about his girlfriend having competent legal representation, and wanting an appropriate prison bailout. He’s making strenuous efforts to erase his harsh statement and restore his public image.

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Relationship Status of Richard Irvin

Richard Irvin is married to Crystal Irvin, according to Openlineblog.

Richard Irvin dating Laura Ayala Clarke - Know All Details!

Many women, including some who work at Aurora City Hall, have accused Irvin of sexual assault. Former employee Brittany Pederson has joined Richard Irvin’s criminal defense business as a partner.

As a result of Irvin’s sexual assault, while working for the government, she became pregnant. He attempted again to persuade Brittany to have an abortion, but she refused and ended up carrying twins.