Shut The Kale Up Divorce – COMPLETE DETAILS!

Everyone who is successful on social media has their own set of secrets. It might be anything from camera equipment to brand managers to editing applications. Jeannette Ogden of @shutthekaleup is an Instagram health, cuisine, and wellness influencer. However, she only has one strategy, and that is to not have one.

Hundreds of thousands of people follow Jeannette Ogden on Instagram, where she discusses her life as a parent, wife, and all-around badass health lady.

“What you see is what you get,” Ogden’s mantra has swiftly become a double-tap magnet. In just three years, he has amassed a massive 254,000-person following. And her admirers aren’t the only reason for her thriving business. Despite the fact that her feed hardly produced any money in its first year, Ogden’s concentration on meaningful relationships has brought her annual profits into the low six figures.

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On social media, the news is spreading that Jeannette Ogden, popularly known as Shut the Kale Up, is divorcing. Let’s see if the news is accurate and if the rumors are real.

Is Jeannette Ogden, aka Shut The Kale Up, Divorcing AJ Ogden?

The social internet is buzzing with rumors that Jeannette Ogden, aka Shut the Kale Up, is divorcing. However, the reports cannot be confirmed because she has not spoken about the divorce or how terrible things are between her and her husband AJ.

Her Instagram, on the other hand, clearly shows that she has no images of herself with her spouse. Perhaps the reports that the pair is no longer together are true. If Jeannette’s Instagram is any indication, she no longer posts images of herself with her husband AJ and her children. In fact, she has deleted every image of her husband, AJ Ogden.

AJ Ogden Has Filed A Family Lawsuit Against Jeannette Ogden For Marriage Dissolution/Divorce.

According to Unicourt, AARON OGDEN filed a Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce complaint against JEANNNETTE OGDEN on 05/25/2022. This lawsuit was filed at the Orange County Superior Courts at the Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange, California. The status of the case is Not Classified By Court.

More Information about the Divorce of Shut The Kale Up, aka Jeanette Ogden and AJ Ogden

Jeannette and AJ met at church, and she pursued him. They had a brief romance before marrying. They also didn’t start having sex till after they married!

They had numerous disagreements over their children’s upbringing; for example, he resented the fact that she was an influencer, and she was not supportive of his journey as a member of a Christian band that needed him to travel regularly.

Fans have repeatedly witnessed Jeannette preventing you from commenting on any of her posts if you said anything negative about her. This does not appear to be a new phenomenon.

Jeannette posted many images of herself sobbing and declared that she and her spouse will undergo couples therapy in January 2021. Her mother was also residing with them for a while between September 2020 and mid-2021 due to marital problems.

In June 2021, she responded to a commenter who asked where he was under Elliot’s graduation post. “He was there, too,” she said casually.

Many further inquiries, comments, and concerns went unanswered or were removed.

Every record of AJ on her profile, including stored tales, is destroyed in May 2022. She posted on May 17th that she had a major life update. And on May 25th, it was revealed that AJ had filed for divorce.

According to many who have met her in person, her relationship with AJ has always been tumultuous. They had extremely different ideas about how to raise children, and he despised the fact that she was an influencer and exhibited the children online from the beginning. The divorce came as no surprise to anyone. Everything makes sense if you learn how they met.

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“From what I recall, she’s quite kind in person, but she’s never been honest on social media,” Reddit user @ Low-Cap5159 stated. I recall thinking she seemed extremely different online than she did in person. I’m not shocked she hides stuff from me to make her life appear more intriguing.