I have experienced the American Dream.

Asi Sheikh, a legendary vehicle collector, said such comments. It’s difficult to argue with such a statement after hearing his experience.

I have liked vehicles for as long as I can remember—from my Matchbox cars to seeing them on television to reading about them in periodicals. I’ve always wanted to work in the automotive industry, Sheikh stated.

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He now possesses an incredible, varied collection of some of the world’s greatest vehicles. It’s a broad group that stands out for having impeccably kept, low-mileage, well-documented specimens of everything from Corvettes to Shelbys to Mercedes-Benzes to Ferraris. On Saturday, May 21, at Dana Mecum’s 35th Original Spring Classic in Indianapolis, 34 exquisite vehicles from the Asi and Lisa Sheikh Collection will be offered at No Reserve.

The stories of how Sheikh came to be able to acquire high-end vehicles is amazing, and the cars themselves symbolise a lifelong enthusiasm for all things automotive.
The Sheikh family moved to the United States from Pakistan in 1976. While some of their close relatives settled in Northern Colorado, Sheikh’s family relocated to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where they bought a motel.

I spoke English and wore American clothing when I first arrived in America. I had a tonne of Matchbox vehicles when I was a youngster,” Sheikh said. “As soon as I could, I spent $200 with my friend Frank to buy my first automobile. It was a beaten-up, rusted Ford Maverick, but I frequently cleaned it and gave it good care.

Soon after, Sheikh got a gift that encouraged him.

My mother realised that I enjoyed vehicles as I grew older, said Sheikh. “Smokey and the Bandit” was popular at the time. My mother got me a brand-new 1979 black and gold Bandit Trans Am with T-tops when she stepped into a Pontiac showroom one day. I was just 15 years old at the time. I found it hard to believe. I questioned if this was actually happening. I was motivated to start an automobile collection at that point.

Sheikh said, “I had several pals who owned Trans Ams as well. “Even in the cold and snow, we used to clean them all year round. At a hand-wash vehicle wash, we used to clean the wheels. The TA Guys were the moniker for us. I used to race the Bandit Trans Am across Wyoming’s back hills when I was younger.

Sheikh now owns a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS Trans Am Hurst Edition in addition to a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am SE. Both will be available in Indianapolis and are done in the recognisable “Smokey and the Bandit” black and gold.

When the time came, Sheikh moved across the nation to the University of North Carolina in Greensboro to declare a degree in finance. He placed a Domino’s Pizza order in 1984 with a few buddies. Sheikh had an epiphany as the money accumulated to tip the delivery person.

Sheikh said, “I worked as a delivery driver for around 13 to 15 hours a week because I felt I could make a lot of money with Dominos. “I knew I was correct when, in 1986, I used the money I made from my work as a part-time Domino’s delivery driver to purchase a new Nissan Maxima.

“I observed your potential for success in the pizza industry. After graduating from college, I chose to remain at Domino’s because I knew I had a future due of the way I was treated, said Sheikh.

Sheikh chose to remain with Dominoes over a job offer from the nation’s largest bank. At home, it was not a well-liked choice.

Sheikh remarked, “My mum sobbed.”

My entire life, I’ve only had one job. I love pizza. For 38 years, I have worked for Domino’s Pizza. I held almost every job Domino’s offered throughout the years and eventually worked my way up to Executive Vice President,” he said. “I was fortunate. I was able to purchase 21 Domino’s restaurants in 2014. I now own 38 Domino’s locations and want to add 42 this year.

Sheikh met Lisa in Brooklyn in 1988 when he was beginning to establish Domino’s operations in New York.

“Throughout my many hours of arduous labour, Lisa has been incredibly helpful. I have a reputation for always giving my all. Lisa is aware that you need to be enthusiastic about what you do, Sheikh stated.

Sheikh was able to follow his actual calling in life—car collecting—because of his prosperity.

Even while I like to take risks, he said, “I prefer to do my homework, especially when it comes to vehicles.” “I am quite picky about the things I purchase. I only consider automobiles that have been thoroughly maintained, have minimal mileage, and have good records. I’ve travelled the entire nation chasing the automobiles I like. I spend a lot of time investigating what makes these automobiles unique. My automobiles receive extra particular attention; they are kept up and ready to drive at all times. Quality is something I don’t want to skimp on. My greatest attribute is integrity.

One particular automobile type stood out from the rest when Sheikh first began his collecting. He has a soft spot in his heart for America’s Sports Car.

I’ve always been a big Corvette fan. “I genuinely believe Corvettes are among the greatest automobiles ever produced,” Sheikh stated. “I purchased my first Corvette in 1988; it was a grey 1985 model. I’ve always owned Corvettes ever since that time. I’m not sure how Chevrolet manages to make money on the Corvette at its asking price. This automobile is incredible.

“I’ve owned every version of Corvette from C1 through C8, and in the future, I’ll collect every generation of Corvette,” he declared. “To me, these automobiles are incredibly unique. For instance, I have two 2019 Sebring Orange ZR1s, a coupe and a convertible, because I’m a huge fan of the model. In terms of technology, there is nothing better. Amazing race car: the 2016 Yellow Z06 C7.R.

A 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, completed in black, is slated to be on sale in Indianapolis as the most recent example.

Sheikh remarked, “The engineering is so excellent that if you placed a Ferrari logo on a C8, you could charge half a million dollars for it.” It’s an amazing automobile, and it’s good that Chevrolet keeps it inexpensive.

Mercedes-Benz will be Sheikh’s other primary collecting nameplate in the future. The greatest vehicles the German manufacturer has ever produced will be on display in Indianapolis in various contemporary models.

One of my favourite brands is Mercedes-Benz, Sheikh said. “My wife, Lisa, gave me a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe for my 50th birthday, and I am really proud of it. It was a dream come true to own a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Both the coupe and convertible are mine. They are really stunning. They still outperform the majority of automobiles in terms of driving.

A vehicle with a unique paint that honours the storied Nurburgring is sure to draw notice. Sheik’s 23-mile 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R has a spectacular Green Hell Magno finish.

“The AMG GT R is Lisa’s favourite vehicle overall because of how distinctive it looks with that shade of green paint. Additionally, driving is a pleasure.

Sheikh grew up with posters of a Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari Testarossa on his wall, like many American children. He still has those identical posters in his house now.

Because they are works of art, Ferraris captivate me, remarked Sheikh. “I adore my Ferrari 360 Modena due of its distinctive colour scheme and its low mileage of just 283 kilometres. The 599 Fiorano’s V-12 engine makes a wonderful sound. The Ferrari California is Mariam, my daughters favorite ,’s vehicle. She truly likes the way that automobile looks with its Rosso Corsa paint.

“Having a Lamborghini Countach is everyone’s dream. I spent a lot of time pursuing this one. It fits the poster that I had as a child hanging on my wall,” Sheikh added. “The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is unusual because of its colour scheme. It was Lisa’s birthday present to me.

Sheikh had long desired to possess a Mustang, especially one as beautiful as the Shelby GT500s that now adorn his collection.

“I wanted a Shelby GT500, and there is nothing more authentic than these automobiles when it comes to true Shelby GT500s. Carroll Shelby was the owner of both, according to Sheikh. “After speaking with a man in Ohio for more than a year about the automobiles, I bought both from him. He was a dear buddy who truly liked these automobiles and took fantastic care of them. I’ve bought a number of other autos from him.

Tonya, the daughter of Sheikh, has a particular bond with one Mustang.

The Grabber Blue Mustang Boss 429 is Tonya’s absolute favourite car. Her favourite vehicle is that one, and she is very moved by the colour.

Sheikh was impacted by the film “Ford v. Ferrari.” He started collecting one of the vehicles from the film.

The McBurnie Coachcraft-built copy, which was given the name 1962 Ferrari GTO, was featured in the films “Ford v Ferrari” and “The Italian Job.” What was once a Nissan inline-6 has been transformed into a raging Ferrari V-12.

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Sheikh described it as a “wonderful reproduction of the GTO” with three Weber carburettors. “I wanted to add this automobile to the collection since it was exceptionally nicely crafted and because of the movie.”

Sheikh did express some remorse over the fact that each of the 34 automobiles will have a new owner by the end of May.

“Letting these automobiles go is heartbreaking. I had fantasised about each and every one of them. I’m going to create a way for additional automobiles now, he said. “Along the road, I’ve made a lot of fantastic friends. People connect through their cars.