In “The Clovehitch Killer,” Dylan McDermott might not be instantly recognizable. For the part, the “American Horror Story” actor dons an incredibly aged appearance, a mustache, and a totally dad body. For the part, McDermott admitted to GQ that he wore a 60-pound prosthetic, and it definitely shows.

The Ending Of The Clovehitch Killer - EXPLAINED!
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However, Don Burnside played by McDermott is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Currently a scout troop leader, he tormented his little Kentucky community 10 years ago as The Clovehitch Killer, a serial killer who claimed at least 13 female victims’ lives. Don tries to get control of the situation as his son Tyler (Charlie Plummer) and Tyler’s friend Kassi (Madisen Beaty) start to learn the truth about him. The murderer, a devoted father, and well-liked neighbor, has built a dreamy parallel existence.

Despite having a room full of proof, the illusion is strong enough to cause his kid to doubt himself. However, Kassi is aware that her mother was an unnamed victim of the murderer and is fighting for justice on her behalf. The plot of the movie revolves around these competing familial allegiances. The film asks us what we would be prepared to sacrifice for our family in its unexpected conclusion. Continue reading to learn what Tyler did for him in “The Clovehitch Killer” to find out.

The Ending Of The Clovehitch Killer - EXPLAINED!

The Clovehitch Killer’s conclusion poses some challenging issues to viewers.

Tyler invites Kassi into the room as a flashback reveals that he never departed for leadership camp and instead stayed behind and followed his father around town (while Don pursued a victim). When Don asks Tyler what would happen to his mother and sister if he makes the wrong decision, Tyler begins to doubt himself. Worried that his family may disintegrate, Tyler falters, allowing Don the chance to neutralize both him and Kassi. Don then points the rifle towards Tyler and fires on his own kid, demonstrating his complete disregard for family. Self-preservation is his only driving force. The final two battle until Kassi renders Don helpless.

Don has since been listed as missing. He is subsequently discovered in the woods, apparently shot to death. Tyler, who survives the shooting, is speaking at his father’s memorial when it becomes clear that he has made the decision to keep his father’s identity a secret. Instead of reporting him to the police so that he might be charged, he faked his father’s suicide.

The Ending Of The Clovehitch Killer - EXPLAINED!

The audience is left to ponder Tyler’s choice and what was best. As a sad widow, Cindy (Samantha Mathis) is seen struggling to care for her family without her (apparently) ideal spouse. Should Tyler have revealed the monster his father was to his mother and the rest of the world? Or was he right to think that happiness is ignorance? What type of person Tyler will turn out to be is another question raised by Tyler’s choice to murder his father. He isn’t just forced to live in the shadow of his father’s transgressions. He is now also a murderer. As a father, so son. Additionally, he lied to his mother and sister about a very significant matter. Was it a question of self-preservation, as it was for his father, or was it for the best?

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Justice was served to Kassi as a result of her participation in the killing, but the other victims of the Clovehitch Killer remain without any sort of resolution. The killer is apprehended at the movie’s conclusion, but nobody is given a nice conclusion. The cat-and-mouse game that typically takes place in these serial killer movies is interestingly subverted here. The goal of “The Clovehitch Killer” isn’t for anyone to catch the killer.

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