Candice Patton is reminiscing about her early days on The Flash and reveals that she had to quit the show “as soon as” season 2 because she was “really distressed.”

The 34-year-old delved deeply into her experience as the lead performer on the CW series and how difficult her journey has been since its introduction in 2014 during a conversation with Elliot Knight of The Open Up Podcast.

Iris West, a character Patton has portrayed since the start of the program, was often a white character in the comics prior to the performer landing the role.

A Black female lead in a superhuman show in 2014 seemed practically unimaginable, especially considering that the first person is often a white woman.


The comic book adaptation industry later saw similar castings with Kiersey Clemons playing Iris West in The Justice League and The Flash; Zendaya playing Michelle Jones, also known as MJ, in Marvel’s Spider-Man films; Ashleigh Murray playing Josie McCoy on Riverdale and Katy Keene; Anna Diop as Starfire on DC’s Titans; and Leslie Grace’s Batgirl. Patton’s projecting had a gradually growing influence throughout the industry.

In any event, she has encountered several severe traps during her trip. When Patton’s projection was discovered, she claims her days were filled with prejudiced web-based provocation.

The performer assured that neither the organization nor the studio had any conventions to protect her against the onslaught of dangerous fans, despite their dynamic objective to provide more variation to their concerts.

She alleged that the team behind The Flash failed to plan for the expected web backlash.

Patton explained that signing up for the show came with “a tremendous deal of liability” and “a tonne of contemplation,” including “impacting the way people regard the superhuman type and creating places for girls of diversity who have never had that.”

Additionally, she said, it was “very dangerous to be in that position when you’re probably the first and you’re receiving such a lot of emotion from it with no help.”

Some people will discuss how celebrities Leah Jeffries and Moses Ingram handled criticism for their respective roles as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

However, Patton thinks she didn’t receive the full online support of her co-stars and creation, although the two stars did.

People now understand how fans may be prejudiced, especially in mainstream movies and television, but back then, it was more like, “That is how fans are, or whatever.

That was their method of handling things even with the organizations I was dealing with, The CW and WB, she confirmed. We now understand better. It’s unacceptable to treat your skills in that manner and to enable their abuse and teasing.

There were no social networks for me in 2014 that provided emotional support. Nobody was very focused on that. Free-roaming was getting addressed every single day.

They just let it remain there since there were no web-based entertainment norms in place to protect me.

“It’s enough not to make me your main female and say, ‘See us, we’re so moderate, we really look at the crate,” Patton continued. It’s ideal, except you put me in the water by myself with sharks. Although being in the water is ideal, this place may kill me.

Patton’s experience was perplexing for more reasons than just dealing with internet savages. The performer believed that her non-Black lovers were treated better than her. She said that she wasn’t first bothered by the official Instagram Flash record.

Joe in Indiana’s mentality is irrelevant to me because my most recent check cleared and it was sizable, Joe. Do you really believe I am interested in your tweet? She spoke.

“However, my influences come more from the mundane things.

Conventions that have been established and things that I observe happening for my white partners do not apply to me. Realizing how the studio and the organization don’t protect me,” she argued. Those were the things that might not have wounded me but had disappointed me instead.

She reviewed, “I suggested to my marketing consultant, ‘How about you get The Flash record to follow me?'”

“A time back, when I needed to include that s**t and thought about it frequently.”

Dealing with the series was so harmful that Patton conceded she can’t watch it because of an overflow of insignificant hostilities, such as expecting to bring her own devices and cosmetics “for good measure,” a beautician’s only experience with Black hair was “Sneak Dogg, once,” and recounting stories through a “white focal point.”

She thought, “I often wonder how much better my shows may have been in recent years if I hadn’t been in a constant state of survival and injury. “Watching doesn’t feel any better.”

In season 2, Patton said that she had to quit The Flash because the provocation had become so bad that she was “really concerned.”

She admitted that while the set was “damaging to my emotional well-being,” she stayed because she felt obligated to the audience who loved her personality.

When informed of the changes necessary for Black entertainers to advance, Patton concentrated on the necessity for “people in important, prominent positions who understand my experience and appreciate the Black insight, the Black female perspective, and who can say, ‘alright, she wants security.'” We are unreliable just because you place us on a lavish Hollywood set with the hair and makeup and you temporarily agree that we are safe.

In actuality, she said, “we are not safe.” Do you think a white police officer in Jackson, Mississippi, who pulls me over at 2 in the morning cares that I’m Candice Patton from The Flash? It doesn’t change anything.

The world sees us with a certain objective in mind, thus we genuinely need security. Therefore, when I go on set and see that everyone working there is white… I am not protected and I never will be.

And this shouldn’t indicate that these people have bad intentions, she said. Whatever the case, they have weak points.

They have a lot of weak points, which can also increase my damage. I’m confident that it has provided opportunities for companies, collaborations, and creativity to develop.

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Despite everything, the artist recently appeared on the show for the tenth time, according to TVLine.

She continues to be one of the series’ most distinctive cast members, just after Grant Gustin and Danielle Panabaker.

She told Open Up, “I’m moving out of a position of stress and suffering and into a wonderfully edified place in my life where I feel very secure. If she could provide any advice to help 1 Candice get ready, it would be “you bought this, you should be here.”

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