TikToker Mahek Bukhari, also known as @MaybVlogs on the short-form video site, is accused of murdering two cousins — Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin and Saqib Hussain — along with her mother and another woman.

The TikTok star is known for making reaction videos and fashion material, but on Jan. 3, 2022, the influencer appeared on TikTok trying to tell someone that she “killed someone.”

The deaths of these two guys were a complete surprise, and the family and social media users are desperate for answers. Here’s everything we know so far.

TikTok Star Mahek Bukhari Has Reportedly Been Arrested for Murder


TikTok star Mahek Bukhari, her mother, Ansreen Bukhari, and another woman, Natasha Akhtar, were reportedly arrested for running down two men in Leicestershire, England.

The 22-year-old TikTok star Mahek Bukhari, her mother, Ansreen Bukhari, and another woman, Natasha Akhtar, are all charged with murder, according to The Sun. According to the report, the trio rammed Mohammed and Saqib off the road during a high-speed chase in Leicestershire, England on Friday, Feb. 11, 2022.

According to police, the men’s vehicle “left the carriageway and slammed through a central reservation.” As a result, the automobile was “torn into two pieces,” instantaneously murdering the two men.

“The inquiry is still in its early phases, and work is being done to determine the circumstances of the incident and what happened in the minutes prior,” Detective Chief Inspector Tony Yarwood explained. “Detectives are looking for witnesses who spotted three automobiles going in the area of Troon Way or Abbey Lane around 1:25 a.m., as well as on the A46 between the Thurmaston Shopping Center and the Hobby Horse Island.”

TikTok Star Mahek Bukhari Has Reportedly Been Arrested for Murder


Chief Inspector Tony went on, “The cars — a silver Skoda Fabia, a grey Audi TT, and a blue Seat Leon — were traveling at high speeds, and work is being done to determine the paths they took. We are attempting to piece together the movements of all of the vehicles involved, and any footage of them would aid our inquiry.”

The three women appeared in court by video and only spoke to confirm their identities and if they knew the gravity of the allegations they face.

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“You are facing the most serious charge in criminal law… Do you know what I mean?” Judge Timothy Spencer QC asked the women, and they all said, “Yes.”

According to the site, no bail was requested, and the trio will stay in detention until a plea hearing on March 18, 2022.

In addition, two males, Raees Jamal and Rekan Karwan were charged with murder in connection with the accident. Both men were scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, and are currently detained.

TikToker Mehek Bukhari, who shares almost the same name as the accused murderer, has spoken out about being bullied online.

While creating TikTok material, the last thing TikToker Mahek Bukhari expected was to be bullied; yet, many people learning of Mahek’s arrest have confused her with Mehek, who is also a TikTok content creator and has nothing to do with the issue. Mehek revealed that she has received a lot of backlashes online.

Mehek explained in a TikTok video posted on February 15, 2022, that she is not the same lady who was arrested for murder. She went on to say that she’s never met Mahek and that while they’re both TikTokers, the fact that they have the same name is purely a coincidence – hence her usage of the hashtag #MehekNotMahek.

“I woke up today to messages telling me to rot in jail,” Mehek explained. “Permit me to add that she also spells Mehek differently, which is why many people noticed it wasn’t me. However, her face is in the paper, so please read it.”

The TikToker joked that a “rebranding” is in necessary, and that this is a clear illustration of her luck. She later expressed her sympathies to the families and loved ones of the two men killed in the tragedy.

Our hearts go out to the families of Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin and Saqib Hussai.

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