Everything You Need To Know About Tony Romo Divorce!

Let’s find out what we know about Tony Romo and the rumors that he and his wife are splitting up. The well-known quarterback of a football team is in the news because of his personal life. In 2011, Tony’s marriage to Candice Crawford was the talk of the town. They have been together for nearly ten years. In 2009, they began going out together. Well, it was hard enough to ask her out in the first place. Tony wanted to get her attention no matter what. Well, he didn’t want to tell Candice directly how he felt, so he tricked her into going out with him and told her it was a movie night with his friends. Everything was set in stone, and the two decided to finally meet.

Candice was surprised that nobody showed up. So, Tony told her that everyone had canceled their plans and that it was just the two of them. He thought it was a funny thing that happened. But the vibe changed right away when Candice said she would have met him anyway. After that, things got better for both of them. Tony and Candice liked each other right away, which led to them getting married in 2011. Tony was at the top of his game the same year, so everyone was very impressed with him. But recently, rumors about Tony’s divorce began to spread on the internet. According to his fans, he was seen a few times without his wedding ring, which led to a lot of rumors. So, are they together still? Today, we’ll tell you more about the divorce of Tony Romo.

Everything You Need To Know About Tony Romo Divorce!

Is Tony Romo Divorce With His Wife Candice?

Right now, Tony and Candice are having fun together. Yes! No matter what happens, the couple will not split up.

Fans of the NFL player had a lot of ideas about what might have happened to his missing ring. On the internet, people began spreading rumors about each other.

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He used to be very popular among young people, after all. Also, he has heard these things from other people before. The same thing happened in November 2021.

But they’ve been together for a long time, and their relationship keeps getting better and happier. The lucky couple also has three beautiful children.

Everything You Need To Know About Tony Romo Divorce!

On May 28, 2011, Romo asked Candice Crawford to be his wife.

They started seeing each other in the summer of 2009, and on December 16, 2010, they got engaged.

Hawkins Crawford Romo, born April 9, 2012, Rivers Romo, born March 18, 2014, and Jones McCoy Romo are the couple’s three sons (born August 23, 2017).

Tony Romo Early Life

Antonio Ramiro Romo is a former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and the National Football League. Tony Romo has been on the show for more than 14 seasons. In the beginning of 2006, he started his career. Tony has always wanted to work in sports, even when he was young. Aside from this, his hard work always got him a lot of chances. Because of this, he’s gotten several records over the years. Also, he set records for things like passing yards and touchdowns.

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Everything You Need To Know About Tony Romo Divorce!

Tony should be one of the most famous NFL players. In 1996, he started playing quarterback for Burlington High School’s football team. After setting several records in high school, he went to Eastern Illinois University to get more football training. Tony played football for the Eastern Illinois Panthers, and he was picked in the second spot. He also gained 2,583 yards and scored 27 touchdowns. During this season, he won a number of titles, which helped to build his reputation.