It seems that Tyrese’s divorce is rapidly becoming contentious and unpleasant. After only three and a half years of marriage, the star of the Fast and the Furious and his wife, Samatha Lee Gibson, have decided to divorce. The singer Tyrese has already broken his silence on social media, revealing how broken his heart is, and now Lee Gibson is now speaking out publicly. She claims that she made every effort to save their relationship before making her decision to walk away.

Tyrese and Lee Gibson had been married for over four years when the singer made the announcement that they were ending their marriage. The pair, who currently have a daughter who is two years old, tied the knot in a private ceremony on Valentine’s Day in 2017 and are now married. Tyrese claims that there is an “assault on Black families” in a lengthy essay that he published on Instagram. He also reveals that his marriage did not make it through the challenging conditions of the year 2020.

According to TMZ, divorce papers were filed by Lee Gibson in October, which is three months before Tyrese revealed that the couple had separated. Even though they are no longer together, the man’s separated wife just sent him birthday greetings. In a lengthy statement on social media, Tyrese revealed his feelings of admiration and affection for Lee Gibson.

Tyrese Gibson Divorce With Samantha Lee Gibson

In spite of the fact that both parties have maintained a unified front for their followers on social media, it appears that the breakup was not amicable. According to TMZ, Lee Gibson claims that Tyrese changed the locks on their home, which ultimately led to her having to relocate. He refutes this and points to an altercation between them as the cause of their breakup. During the argument, Lee Gibson allegedly made a threat to call the police.

In the divorce papers filed by Lee Gibson, it is revealed that she is asking for a child support payment of $20,000 a month for their daughter. Tyrese believes that the requested amount of child support is “unreasonably excessive,” and he is seeking a judge to stop the payment.

Despite the fact that she is going through a difficult breakup, Lee Gibson is maintaining a positive outlook. According to Madame Noire, a normally private individual During her participation in an Instagram live event hosted by Ericka Davis, Lee Gibson discussed the decision she had made to submit a divorce petition.

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Lee Gibson has stated that she became a good friend and partner via the process of trial and error, but that she is fine with ending her marriage since she is confident that she gave it her all during their time together.

“When friendships or relationships come to an end, I am able to walk away confident that I can drop the mic.” “I tried my best in every way that I could,” she stated.

And at that point, I feel like when I do that and I know that God has tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Okay, Sam,’ it’s like, you know what? I did everything I could do. At this point, all I can do is trust God. All I can do is either trust God to either do whatever, whether to give me peace and proceed with my peace or continue to stay in this cycle with whatever person I’m dealing with at the time, whether it be a friendship or a relationship.

Lee Gibson is depending on her faith to help her get through this hard time.

Tyrese Gibson Divorce With Samantha Lee Gibson

“You have to know that there’s a bigger God who’s worth putting your faith in. “This season has taught me that,” she said. “I had to keep telling myself that if I put my trust in the Lord, I won’t be let down. And I’m not going to let myself trust people, what I see, or what they say, because that’s too hard to tell. That’s different. Feelings are always changing. But the decision to trust, to trust completely, is yours.” ‘

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Tyrese is getting a second divorce. He used to be married to Norma Gibson, and when they split up, there was a nasty fight over child custody and child support.

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