Vivian Howard Divorce From Ben Knight – Complete Info!

Vivian Howard is a famous chef who was born in the United States on March 8, 1978. Co-owner and head chef of the restaurant Chef & the Farmer in North Carolina, who would be featured in the award-winning PBS show A Chef’s Life. 

Howard went to Salem Academy, a Moravian boarding school for girls in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, when she was 14. After that, she spent two years at Virginia Episcopal School. In 2001, she went to North Carolina State University and got a BA in English Language. During her time at NCSU, she went to Argentina for a semester to study cooking as part of a program. Howard moved to New York City after he graduated and started working in advertising for Grey Worldwide. After 18 months, she quit and went to work as a waitress at Voyage. The restaurant’s head chef, Scott Barton, became her first mentor.

Vivian Howard Divorce From Ben Knight - Complete Info!

In 2004, Howard got his diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. She worked as an intern at Wylie Dufresne’s wd50 and learned how to be a Chef de Partie at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market.

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About Vivian Howard’s Husband Ben Knight Relationship

Ben Knight and Howard got married. Ben and Vivian met at the restaurant Voyage, where they both worked. They worked for the business. It turned out that their love of food was what brought them together and made them fall in love.

Soon after, they started to walk down the aisle. They had twins named Theo and Flo not long after that.

The four of them live in Deep Run, North Carolina, close to Kinston, which Vivian likes to call the middle of nowhere. Their house is a big, modern farmhouse with space for chickens, dogs, and a studio where her husband can paint.

Vivian Howard Divorce From Ben Knight - Complete Info!

The TV show about Ben and Vivian was a big hit. Because of this, more people went to their restaurants. They back each other up and help each other with their business ideas.

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Is Vivan Howard Getting A Divorce From Ben Knight?

Vivian has already written about her divorce in the magazine Garden and Gun. The article is called “Love Languages, Decoded.” She said, “I’m getting a divorce, in case you didn’t know. And because of the way things work, I haven’t been doing it by myself. Instead, Ben and I have hired a large group of therapists, lawyers, family members, and friends to help us through the tedious process of breaking up.

Early on, someone on my side told me that it helps for people in a relationship to know each other’s “love language.” I had heard of this “love language” thing, knew it came from a self-help book from the nineties, and didn’t believe it. I’ve never understood how someone’s platitudes can be considered nonfiction. But if I decide to try dating again, I’ll take the advice of my gaggle and do my homework.”

She also wrote a post about it.

From this post and what she said to Garden and Gun, it may seem like Ben and Vivian are breaking up.

People have left condolences for the Chef in the comments section of the post. A user wrote, “Whether you want it or not, divorce is hard. Don’t put the kids in the middle; it’s between you and Ben. No matter what you do, it stinks, but you’ll all be better in the end. “Sending you strength.” Another user added, “Sorry you are going through this. Love and peace to you and your family.”