What Is Jasper Carrott Net Worth?

Robert Norman Davis OBE was born on March 14, 1945. He is an English comedian, actor, and TV host who is best known by his stage name, Jasper Carrott.

Carrott was born on Shaftmoor Lane in the Birmingham neighborhood of Acocks Green. He went to Acocks Green Primary School and Moseley Grammar School for school. He and his high school friend Bev Bevan worked as trainee buyers at the Beehive, a department store in the city center.

He got the nickname Jasper when he was nine, and when he was 17, he added the last name Carrott.

What Is Jasper Carrott Net Worth?

Jasper Carrott Professional Life

In 1969, he and Les Ward opened “The Boggery” in Solihull. Carrott sang and MC’d. His banter overwhelmed his singing, and he became a comedian. As Fingimigig (with manager John Starkey, 1974–1992), he managed Harvey Andrews. Visiting UK rugby clubs. He sold Jasper Carrot – In the Club from his van in 1973. The CD included the original Magic Roundabout as well as songs from his next three albums (Hare Krishna, Car Insurance, Bastity Chelt, and Hava Nagila) and Fred Wedlock’s “The Folker.”

In August 1975, he scored a UK Top 5 hit with Funky Moped/Magic Roundabout, written by Chris Rohmann and produced by Jeff Lynne, with Bev Bevan on percussion and backing vocals on the former track.

Carrott developed anecdotal sketches in the late 1970s. Many are autobiographical and praise the Birmingham dialect and culture, particularly his support of Birmingham City.

What Is Jasper Carrott Net Worth?

Jasper Carrott Rabbitts on and on and on… and Carrott in Notts were his live albums. Notable hits were “Bastity Chelt,” a song in Spoonerism, “The Football Match,” describing a visit to Old Trafford, “The Nutter on the Bus” (including the cry “Has anybody seen my camel? “), “The Mole” (“There’s only one way to get rid of a mole – blow its bloody head off!”)[2] and “Zits,” an explanation of American slang for spots that brought the word into use

He released A Little Zit on the Side in 1979. Sweet and Sour Labrador blended stand-up with personal stuff, largely about his travels. Carrott emceed the Birmingham Heart Beat Charity Concert in 1986, which featured ELO and the Moody Blues with a finale by George Harrison. On 15 September 2007, he was inducted into the Birmingham Walk of Stars at Arts Fest. The prize was given by Birmingham’s mayor. Ozzy Osbourne is the first. Carrott won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2008 British Comedy Awards.

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On 11 August 1975, he appeared in a half-hour BBC Midlands show called “The Golden Game.” He appears in A Half Hour Mislaid with Jasper Carrott in 1976. Two years later, Michael Grade asked for a LWT pilot. Grade liked it, so he recorded five more shows for his 1978 TV series An Audience with Jasper Carrott. This cooperation continued until 1981; The Unrecorded Jasper Carrott (1979) and Beat the Carrott (1981) are his best-known live stand-up performances from LWT.

What Is Jasper Carrott Net Worth?

Carrott moved to the BBC for Carrott’s Lib, a live comedy show, and other shows.

 These included Carrott’s Commercial Breakdown, which broadcast bizarre ads from throughout the world, and comedy and stand-up series Carrott Confidential, 24 Carrott Gold, The Trial of Jasper Carrott and Canned Carrott. Carrott was Heinrich in Jane and the Lost City.

Canned Carrott also featured a mock police drama, The Detectives, starring Robert Powell. All About Me aired from 2002 to 2004. He played Ko-Ko in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado at London’s Savoy Theatre for 12 weeks in 2002.

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He played at the Secret Policeman’s Ball for Amnesty International and returned to the stage in 2004 at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. He returned to singing in 2005’s Go Play Up Your Own End (by Malcolm Stent and Harvey Andrews). 

In 2005, he created and performed in Jasper Carrott’s Rock With Laughter.

In summer 2007, Carrott hosted ITV1’s Golden Balls.

Good ratings lead to more series. 

Cash Inn was his Sunday night pub quiz. 20th on Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comedians.

What Is Jasper Carrott Net Worth?

In August 2017, Carrott had an artery opened and a quadruple heart bypass.

30 dates were canceled. He’s said the procedure offered him a new lease on life and he has no plans to retire, citing Ken Dodd’s longevity.

Jasper Carrott Net Worth

English comedian, actor, and TV personality Jasper Carrott has a net worth of $50 million.