What Is Sal Masekela Net Worth?

Sal Masekela, an American TV host, is a well-known name. Sal Masekela came into the world on August 28, 1971. “Sal Masekela Net Worth” is one of the most searched terms on the internet. So, we changed this article to reflect the new information.

Many fans would love to know more about the backstories of their favorite stars. At the same time, there is now interest in Sal Masekela Net Worth topics. Online, you can find out how much money Sal Masekela has. Let’s dig deeper to find out the details.

Know About Sal Masekela Professional Career

In 1992, he got his first job as an intern at Transworld Publications, which makes magazines like TW Snow, TW Skateboarding, and TW Surf. During the 2003–2004 NBA season, he reported from the court for ESPN. Masekela was a co-host on the E! network show The Daily 10 until September 27, 2010, when the show was canceled.

The show had a countdown of the “top 10” entertainment stories of the day (last show Oct 1, 2010). After 13 years of hosting the X Games and Winter X Games on ESPN, he signed a contract with Red Bull Media House in 2012 to work for NBC and the NBC Sports Network.

On April 22, 2009, Nick Jr. showed both his performance of “Hello World” and his appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba’s “Green” episode. ESPN hired him to help cover the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which was held in South Africa. Hugh Masekela Jr. was a young journalist who was in several ESPN videos with his son, who also became a journalist.

What Is Sal Masekela Net Worth?

During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, ESPN showed ten episodes of “Umlando: Through My Father’s Eyes.” Hugh and Selema’s travels through South Africa were the main focus of the series. Hugh took his son to all of his favorite places when he was young.

Selema has never been to his father’s home country. Hugh Masekela, a well-known jazz musician from South Africa, was Masekela’s father. When Masekela was a child, he and his family went on a world tour with Hugh. Masekela’s first movie, Alekesam, came out in 2012. It is a documentary about his relationship with his father and how music brought them together.

The movie was shown for the first time to the public at the Tribeca Film Festival. Alekesam’s most recent single, “All Is Forgiven,” is played at the beginning of Season 4 of the hit Showtime show House of Lies. Masekela has been in charge of live events for Google and YouTube, like the Zeitgeist and the Brandcast. He has also been the host of YouTube Live on Stage at the Kennedy Center.

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Masekela was a features reporter for NBC’s Olympic Zone, which was broadcast all over the country and covered the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. In 2015, he became a reporter and executive producer for the Emmy-winning HBO documentary series VICE. He also had a part in the remake of the classic film Point Break, which came out later that same year.

Masekela started hosting and executive producing the VICELAND docuseries VICE World of Sports in April 2016. Researchers looked at the social, political, and cultural practices of different countries and regions through the lens of their sports.

What Is Sal Masekela Net Worth?

The first episode of the series will air on April 22 at the Tribeca Film Festival. Masekela is also connected to the movie company UX Entertainment. UXE is a production company in Los Angeles that focuses on making animated shorts, commercials, and music videos.

What Is Sal Masekela Net Worth?

Sal Masekela is a sports commentator and TV host from the United States. He is worth $2 million. Sal Masekela made his money as an ESPN host. He is known as “the face and voice of action sports.” He also hosted shows on the E! Network.

Hugh Masekela’s son worked at Transworld Publications as a front desk clerk. Hugh Sr. used to play jazz. After that, Masekela covered the NBA for ESPN during the 2003–2004 season. Masekela’s ties to ESPN grew stronger after he hosted X Games and X Winter Games and reported on the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

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Masekela has a long history with ESPN, and from 2005 to 2010, he co-hosted The Daily Ten on the E! Network. On the show, they talked about what was going on in the world of celebrities right now.

Masekela’s movie was shown for the first time at the Tribecca Film Festival in 2012. He started Berkela Films with Jason Bergh. As one of the people who started the group Stoked Mentoring to help young people, he worked to get more kids to try action sports.