After five years together, Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Castellon decided to call it quits.

It has been over two years since the Food Network star and Castellon got engaged in June 2020. Guarnaschelli, 49, said at the time to PEOPLE that she and Castellon were delighted to arrange a major wedding party and were in “no hurry” to be married.

Who is Alex Guarnaschelli Engaged to? Complete Details.

Before he proposed, Castellon and Guarnaschelli had been dating for four years. She said shortly after becoming engaged that she had first met Castellon while she was a guest at the restaurant where he was a cook.

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She remembered saying, “This steak is simply so amazing,” while eating dinner with a companion at a restaurant where she knew the server. “And the waiter, my pal, said, “Oh my God, the chef here is my closest friend. He’s incredible. You must get to know him.

I walked in to greet him and told him the steak was amazing, and that was all, she said.

Before Castellon proposed to her as they were driving home from a trip to the grocery shop, the two had been dating for a number of years. Castellon allegedly observed a newborn deer by the side of the road, got out of the car to inspect it, and invited Guarnaschelli to follow him.

He says, “Shh. Please visit. It’s adorable. We’re going to need to take action, I say. We will need to contact animal welfare. Guarnaschelli said, “I’m already rolodexing the problem. We carefully creep outside when he says, “It’s right around the windmill. I turn to look, and he asks, “Do you see it?” I then exclaim, “No, where’s the baby? You said you’d get me a baby deer.

He then says, “There are no deer. The chef stated, “I turn and look, and he’s down on one knee. And he declared, “There are no deer. He says, “You just believe me every time, which is why I have to marry you.” He asked me if I would want to marry him and then gave me the ring.

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Guarnaschelli was previously married to her ex-husband Brandon Clark before being engaged to Castellon. Ava, her 14-year-old daughter, is one of the two.

The breaking news of Guarnaschelli and Castellon’s divorce was originally reported by Closer Weekly.

Castellon told the publication that their engagement was over and wished the woman nothing but the best in a statement.

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