On her Netflix show, the real estate agent and interior designer have been quite open about her personal life, including her ex-husband and children.

While she has yet to announce her new man’s name, she has revealed some intriguing details about him and their relationship. Following the real estate agent’s confirmation of their relationship, here’s what we know about Amanza’s boyfriend.

Amanza Smith Confirms Relationship

Amanza Smith, a reality celebrity, has revealed details about her “wonderful” boyfriend of the past two years.

“I want to make sure that when we go public, no one can impact the vibe of it,” she told People. “We made the choice jointly early on that we didn’t want to be in the public and post about our relationship on social media. I’m not sure; it’s a precarious situation.”

Who Is Amanza Smith’s Boyfriend?

The Netflix star added that her partner is a parent who has been wonderful with her children, but she prefers to keep him out of the spotlight for now.

“I believe it’s more of a fun game to keep it a secret right now than anything else,” Amanza remarked. “When we’re out in public, people take pictures of us. People are aware. I just don’t do it in front of the cameras on purpose.”
Amanza disclosed in a recent interview with Life & Style that she has been seeing her lover since May 2020, but she didn’t elaborate on how they met.

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Who Is Amanza Smith’s Boyfriend?

The star of Selling Sunset has a younger companion who does not work in the entertainment industry. He’s also not well-known in Hollywood, which could explain why they’re keeping the affair under wraps for now. However, Jason Oppenheim, co-founder of the Oppenheim Group, told E! News that Amanza’s boyfriend is “well-known” and “extremely excellent” at his job.

Jason Teased Potential Selling Sunset Stint!

During the same interview, Jason hinted at a future season of Selling Sunset featuring Amanza’s partner.

“I believe there’s a strong chance he’ll appear on the show,” Jason said. “Obviously, that is up to him, but it would be lovely to have him on the show.”

“I’ve met him several times,” he added. Fantastic individual. We get along swimmingly. He’s a laid-back guy. “Wonderful.”

Who Is Amanza Smith’s Boyfriend?

On Selling Sunset, Amanza Smith isn’t afraid to show off her personal life. But, for the time being, mum has the final say over her boyfriend’s identification.

“I want to make sure that when we go public, nobody can impact the vibe of that,” Smith says of her two-year private romance to PEOPLE. The real estate agent, who is also working with forwarding to develop an insurance-free healthcare system, says, “We decided early on that we didn’t want to be public about our relationship and didn’t want to talk about it on social media. It’s a slippery slope, I’m afraid.”

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The mother of two has experienced the pressures of having a highly public love life. Smith and her ex-husband, NFL player Ralph Brown, separated in 2012 and split custody of their kids 50/50 until Brown vanished in 2019. Smith was granted full custody in October 2021, but neither she nor her children have heard from him since then.

Her current lover, she tells PEOPLE, is also a parent.

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