Who Is Apolo Ohno’s Wife? All You Need To Know!

This season of LeBron James’s game show, “The Wall,” Olympic champion Apolo Ohno and his fiancee, Bianca Stam, was on the show. By answering a series of trivia questions, the two people hoped to raise a lot of money for the charity Team USA Fund.

Team USA Fund helps great American athletes who want to compete in the Olympics or Paralympics. But Apolo and his friend had never been on a reality TV competition show before. And netizens wanted to know more about Stam, who has been in a number of Asian movies over the years.

Is Apollo Ohno Gay?

Apolo Ohno can’t be gay because he’s going to marry Bianca Stam and is also dating someone else. Since she recently appeared on an episode of The Wall, a TV show produced by LeBron James, there has been a lot of interest in this mysterious woman.

She works mostly in the acting and modeling business in Hong Kong. She has a degree in journalism from Milliken University and has worked in the media before. I was born there and raised there.

Who Is Apolo Ohno's Wife? All You Need To Know!

Stam’s name became well-known in oriental films, just like her husband’s name became well-known on TV. She was the producer of “The Beauty Machine,” a documentary about the lives of Asian American women who work in the film industry.

She has been in a number of movies, including “The Dark Soul,” “Chasing the Dragon,” and “Deviants.” In the same way, he has made movies like French Connection (2020) and OCTB Elizabeth (2018).

Information About Apollo Uno’s Wedding in 2022

Apollo Ohno is not married as of now. Since 2016, he has been in a serious relationship with Bianca Stam, the woman who will become his wife. Even though they’ve been together for more than six years, they don’t have any kids. They do, however, have a dog named Sesame Mochi Ohno.

Because they showed how much they love each other on Instagram, their followers are eagerly awaiting the date of their wedding. But it is unknown if the couple has talked about the possibility of getting married soon.

Who Is Apolo Ohno's Wife? All You Need To Know!

The two had also been living together for a while. Apolo and Bianca moved in together in Los Angeles, and now his fans are begging him to finally get married to Bianca and make her his wife. Both Apolo and Bianca have dogs, which is something else they have in common.

Ohno quickly became attached to Sesame Mochi, the new member of the family, after they decided to adopt him.

This season of LeBron James’ television game show, The Wall, included American Olympic hero Apolo Ohno and his fiancée, Bianca Stam. The pair hoped to earn a large sum of money for the charity Team USA Fund by completing a series of trivia questions.

Team USA Fund supports exceptional American athletes who want to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, this was the first time Apolo and his companion had been on a reality TV competition show. And netizens wanted to learn more about Stam, who has acted in a number of Asian films over the years.

Who Is Apolo Ohno's Wife? All You Need To Know!

The Chicago Tribune says that Apolo Ohno and Stam first met at an art show in 2016. Since then, they have stayed together and often share pictures of themselves on social media. Ohno and Stam don’t have any kids, but their little dog, Sesame Mochi Ohno, keeps them busy at home.

Know About Bianca Stam

Bianca Stam is a woman. She is 31 years old. She went to Millikin University in Chicago and is a model, an actor, and a producer. The Dark Soul, Chasing the Dragon, and Deviants are all movies in which she played a role. As a producer, she also worked on French Connection and OCTB Elizabeth.

Bianca made The Beauty Machine, a 14-minute documentary that IMDB describes as “an interview with professional women in Asia’s media and entertainment industry about beauty, expression, and how being in media has changed their lives.” In 2016, Bianca and Apolo met in an art gallery. In January 2021, they will be celebrating their first year of marriage.