Who Is Chase Stokes Dating? Complete Details!

Chase Stokes is he gay? The actor disproved that assertion by admitting that he is dating Madelyn Cline, who plays his co-star in the television series Outer Banks. Learn more about their partnership.

The Netflix adolescent drama series Outer Banks is now being starred by American actor Chase in the character of John B.

Before landing his big break on the Netflix show, he had been in a number of shows. He reportedly declined the part but subsequently decided to accept it after reading the screenplay again. He had no idea how popular the series would be and how it would elevate his profile.

Who Is Chase Stokes Dating? Complete Details!
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Chase Stokes is he gay?

Chase Stokes has never come out as homosexual in a public declaration.

Considering that he already has a girlfriend, it’s possible that the story is unfounded.

Who Is the Girlfriend of Chase Stokes?

Madelyn Cline is the girlfriend that Chase Stokes is presently seeing.

In June 2020, he revealed his relationship with his co-star and on-screen girlfriend via an Instagram post.

The actors initially met when attending auditions for their parts as John B and Sarah Cameron in the popular series, and they had amazing chemistry as their respective love interests.

The pair was quarantined in the same apartment as their fellow Outer Banks cast members, which sparked the rumours. After seeing Stokes’ flirtatious comments on Cline’s Instagram, the speculations regarding the actors’ involvement with one another become more widespread.

Overview of Chase Stokes Madelyn Cline is the partner.

Madelyn, the partner of Chase Stokes, is also an American actor who shot to stardom as Sarah Cameron.

She is a young, rising celebrity who has already received favourable feedback from her viewers, much like her lover. Along with their TV programme, Stokes and Cline have appeared in Kygo’s “Hot Stuff” music video, which also features Donna Summers.

In a November 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cline mentioned her affection for her lover. That’s extremely nice, she remarked. Love is a squeeze. Sharing this event with your favourite individuals as well as your favourite person is cool. I am quite joyful.

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The pair have been showing their love for one another on social media, and their relationship seems to have only become stronger over time.

Additionally, the couple was recognised for their passionate on-stage kiss when collecting the MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss. In a lovely Instagram message for each other, the couple celebrated their first anniversary in April of this year.