Who Is Chris Watts' Girlfriend?

Chris Watts strangled his pregnant wife Shannan and suffocated his 3 kids, Bella, four, and Celeste. He then attempted to hide the triple assassination.

Watts tried everything he could to get the cops to lose track of him. To try to persuade everyone of his innocence, the murderer made interviews with the media, appealing for his family to return and angrily stating that he had no idea where they had gone.

However, the murderer’s father’s net was closing in fast, and he failed a lie detector test in the days that followed. He will now be imprisoned for the rest of his life. Despite popular belief, a forensic psychologist has stated that he is not a psychopath.

Who Is Chris Watts' Girlfriend?

Nathan Trinastich, his next-door neighbor, felt something was awry even when he pretended to be distraught about his family’s departure.

“He wasn’t viewing the tape at all,” Trinastich noticed when Watts was shown footage of itself moments after killing his family.

“He’d glance at it for a second and then go back to the phone, or he’d look at it for a second and then turn away,” the neighbor continued. And if my family was missing, I’d be completely riveted to that television to see if I could see anything.”

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Watts‘ home was put up for sale earlier this month. The Colorado home, which has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, is marketed for $660,000. It is, however, hidden behind a false address to keep true-crime aficionados away unless they are serious customers.

Who Is Chris Watts' Girlfriend?

Their old house is now for sale on the real estate website Rocket Homes. The house, however, is posted under a bogus address on Frederick Drive in order to attract only true buyers and dissuade true crime lovers from visiting.

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The home is also only available for ‘restricted showings’ to buyers who have received letters of ‘financial commitment’ for at least $660,000. The home’s current valuation, according to Zillow, is $816,200.

Early Life

Chris Watts born June 16, 1965, is an inventor, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and visual effects supervisor from the United States.

Watts began his film career in 1989 with Dream Quest Images and is now the president of Bake Visual Effects, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. When filming the New Line Cinema film Pleasantville in 1995, Watts invented and implemented the digital intermediate method in 1998.

Who Is Chris Watts' Girlfriend?

Later the same year, in Tim Burton’s stop motion animated film Corpse Bride, he pioneered the use of digital still cameras as a high-resolution alternative to film cameras. Watts rose to prominence after starring in the Warner Bros. action film 300, which was based on the graphic novel of the same name by Dark Horse Comics writer-artist Frank Miller.

He went on to direct the fantasy picture Where the Wild Things Are in 2009.