Courteney Cox is in love and happy.

The “Scream” actor appears on the cover of the latest issue of People, and she discusses her relationship with musician Johnny McDaid and what she’s learned about love in the magazine.

“I’ve learned not to take things personally,” says the 57-year-old. “Oh well, if you liked me….,” I used to think. It’s not about you at all. People act in certain ways as a result of their own history and past. That was undoubtedly a lesson I needed to learn.”

Courteney Cox owes her long-term romance with Johnny McDaid to her pal Ed Sheeran. The former Friends star met the Snow Patrol guitarist in 2013, and the two have since been engaged, divorced, and are now life partners.

Johnny was one of six children born in Northern Ireland in July 1976. He rose to notoriety in the music industry with Snow Patrol, whose songs were featured in very emotional situations on ABC’s hit medical show Grey’s Anatomy. As if any viewer can listen to “Chasing “Cars” without breaking down in tears at the notion of Izzy weeping to clutch Denny as he died in season 2!

She says, “I’ve learned that love is priceless.” “I’ve discovered that as I’ve grown older.”

Courteney Cox adds Johnny McDaid is “a wonderful listener,” which is one of the things she admires the most in her boyfriend. And I’ve never met somebody with such patience. He’s a fantastic advisor. I admire his intentions as much as his heart. His values. He’s incredibly gifted and clearly musical, but he’s also a poet and writer. He’s just very smart, which I find really appealing. Then there’s the fact that he’s stunning.”

Is she planning on getting married again?

“I’m not sure,” Cox adds. “I’m not against it in the least.” I simply don’t consider it.”

Cox is also a mother to her adolescent daughter Coco, which comes with its own set of issues.

“One thing I’ve learned is that the early years fly by. I wish I could have savored it a little longer. My mother and I were quite close. She was one of my closest friends. And I’m in the same boat as Coco, she says. “She tells me everything.” “However, we do fight. And I’ve learned that setting and maintaining limits is critical since I know it makes her feel comfortable.”

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“I’m not always excellent with boundaries,” the actress acknowledges. I’m exhausted. Coco is a fantastic character

Thankfully, Coco will be co-parented by Cox’s ex, David Arquette.

“When you don’t fight about stuff,” Cox says when asked what the nicest part of their co-parenting arrangement is. When there isn’t a ‘Can I have her during the holidays?’. ‘Well, those are my vacations,’ it’s not like that. It makes no difference. She may be anybody she wants and do whatever she wants. There’s never been a disagreement on such things. And I believe that is critical.”

“I like to putter,” Cox says when asked what she likes to do around the house when she’s not working. I prefer to complete tasks during the day. Then it’s time to unwind, whether it’s with my close friends who come over or with Johnny, I love to cook.

“I enjoy bringing people together,” she continues. “I strive to accept individuals in the same way that I would like to be accepted.”

Courteney began dating Snow Patrol singer Johnny McDaid less than a year after her divorce from David was finalized. In June 2013, they announced their engagement. Courteney announced in 2019 that she and McDaid had broken up their engagement but remained in a relationship.

In 2011, David began dating Christina McLarty, a reporter for Entertainment Tonight. In 2014, the couple welcomed their first child, a son called Charlie West. David and McLarty got married in April 2015 after being engaged in July 2014. In 2017, they welcomed their second child, a son named Augustus Alexis.

As per reports Courteney and McDaid are still on good terms with each other. We are keeping a tab on the story and would update our readers as and when further details emerge.

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