Who Is DJ Orazio Rispo Girlfriend?

In New York City, Emily Ratajkowski, an American model, was seen with DJ Orazio Rispo. On October 14, the star, who is 31, was seen kissing the DJ, who is 35, on a sidewalk behind some parked cars. They didn’t try to avoid the cameras at all.

Last month, the Gone Girl actress and Rispo were seen together for the first time at Milan Fashion Week in Italy.

Who Is DJ Orazio Rispo Girlfriend?

In the picture that went viral, Ratajkowski wore a black top that went over her shoulder, black pants, and red boots. Rispo was also seen wearing a green corduroy jacket, gray pants, and sneakers at the same time.

After their short meeting, Rispo’s bike took them away.

Orazio Rispo Early Life

Born and bred in New York City, Orazio Rispo 20-year career as a DJ spans many cultures, continents, and genres, as stated in the biography that can be found on the website for the Alegria record label. Orazio, who is getting up to his tenth year as a resident of ReSolute, is also the owner and operator of the illustrious Halcyon Record Shop in Brooklyn. As an experienced room-reader, he is musically unpredictable… but like… in a nice way.” There are rumors that the record store shut down in the year 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and that Rispo has more than 1,400 followers on SoundCloud.

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According to Ozario’s LinkedIn profile, he is also the chief strategy officer of an app called Sprokit. This app’s mission is to connect formerly incarcerated individuals to employment opportunities, social services, family members, and other community-based support networks.

Who Is DJ Orazio Rispo Girlfriend?

About Emily Ratajkowski And Orazio Rispo Relationship

Emily Ratajkowski has not discussed her possible new romantic interest as of yet; however, she has just announced the launch of a new podcast called “HighLow,” which may provide some insight into the matter. For the time being, though, admirers are reading into a recent comment she made regarding her dating life and the fact that she is currently single.

In a recent TikTok video, she was quoted as saying, “Under a patriarchy, there’s this idea of guys ‘grabbing women,’ ‘getting them,’ and ‘pulling them’ like there’s something to posses,” and she made this statement. “As someone who just recently became single and is considering dating and other social activities, I’ve really witnessed that with my friends and with the talks that surround it,” you say.

After four years together and one year after the birth of their son, Sylvester Apollo, news came in July that Ratajkowski and her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard had divorced after four years of being together.

Who Is DJ Orazio Rispo Girlfriend?

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Orazio Rispo’s Net Worth

Rispo has more than 1,400 followers on Soundcloud, and he has performed for a variety of A-list celebrities such as Mark Getty, Stavros Niarchos, Gerard Faggionato, and Uma Thurman. Emily Ratajkowski is also one of his official Instagram followers; however, his account is set to private and only has about 4,000 people following it. As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Orazio will have a net worth of close to one million dollars.