Who Is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend? Latest Relationship Update!

Drew Afualo is a social media influencer and model based in the United States. She is recognized for her comedy films, dance routines, and lip-sync videos to popular songs.

Drew is currently trending on Tiktok, where she is creating response reels and exposing misogynists.

Fans want to know Who is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend because of her fame in the entertainment world. When it comes to her love state, she is truly in love with someone very special in her life. She also revealed in an interview how helpful and encouraging her boyfriend has been, particularly in her career.

Who Is Drew Afualo's Boyfriend?

Drew Afualo, a beautiful social media influencer, is romantically linked to Pili Tanuvasa, the love of her life.

Who Is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend, Pili Tanuvasa?

Pili Tanuvasa is the boyfriend of the Tiktok star Drew Afualo.

Pili is a fitness trainer and social media influencer from the United States. He also works at Reign Training Facility as a private personal trainer.

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Drew Afualo and Pili Tanuvasa have been dating for an unknown amount of time. For a long time, they’ve kept it a secret.

On their social media accounts, the couple routinely posts images. Fans have realised how deeply they care for one another, as shown by the hilarious images.

Drew Afualo, when asked about Pili, remarked that she is only where she is now because of his unconditional support.

The couple appears to be getting along pretty smoothly since no issues have been observed.

Tanuvasa has kept his true age hidden from the public eye.

Pili and her girlfriend Drew don’t appear to have a significant age difference.

Tanuvasa’s position on the Tiktok platform is still unknown.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, is a Tiktok celebrity whose videos are reaching new people every day.

In her Tiktok profile, Afualo has a lot of videos. The total number of views on her video has surpassed a million.

Drew used to send Snapchat rants to her friends in the past. Her partner, Pili Tanuvasa, suggested she try her luck on the Tiktok platform, which is more widely available, and the rest is history.

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Pili Tanuvasa’s girlfriend has a verified Tiktok account with the username @drewafualo on it. Drew’s account has amassed a tremendous following of over 6.4 million people.

Pili Tanuvasa has substantial following on Instagram

Pili may be found on Instagram, where he goes under the handle @billythekidd_.

He has over 12.9k followers on his Instagram account.

Similarly, he has 136 posts on his blog. Tanuvasa has a lot of images of himself, his girlfriend, and his coaching sessions on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the coach does not have a Twitter account.