Who Is Eddy Burback’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know!

Eddy Burback is a comedian and an influential person on social media. Eddy Burback, an American who posts videos on YouTube, became well-known for his reactions and comments on different things, like movies. He has worked with YouTubers Gus Johnson and Drew Gooden, among others.

As a kid, Eddy loved watching movies and cartoons, and as he got older, that love grew. In 2011, he made his own YouTube channel so that people could watch his videos. But he didn’t make any videos until 2013 when he put out the movie “Paranormal Zakctivity,” which has since been taken down.

Who Is Eddy Burback’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know!

In 2016, he posted the first video in a series called “Horrible Movie Scenes.” It was called “E.T. Ripoff Loves McDonald’s?!- Horrible Movie Scenes.” He kept posting funny comments and reactions to videos about the movie business, which made him even more popular.

Fans and Internet users are interested in Eddy’s girlfriend now that they know about his work life. Read on to find out everything you need to know about his relationships.

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Is Eddy Dating Chrissy Tiber? Rumored Relationship

Critchy, whose real name is Chrissy Tiber, is said to be a member of Boomer Island and Eddy Burback‘s girlfriend at the moment. Chrissy is becoming a big name on social media, and she keeps her fans involved in all of them. She started out by being a Tiktoker. She started with dance and lip-sync recordings.

Chrissy has been in some of his movies and Twitch streams, but he hasn’t said anything about how he feels about her.

Patrick Hodson on Twitter: "@eddyburback @drewisgooden @nakeyjakey  @ChrissyTiber @jimtropolis Is that Eddy “The Birdbath” Burback, his  girlfriend Chrissy “Christ is named after me, not the other way around”  Tiber, Naked “JakeyJakey” Jaked,

Chrissy uses Instagram often, and she has gained about 131K followers. She keeps putting up videos about things she likes. You can find her on Twitter by looking for @chribbleys.

Because of this, not much is known about how Eddy and Chrissy got together. Eddy and Chrissy haven’t made any official statements about their relationship.

Know About Eddy Burback 

Eddy started making other videos with commentary on top of the “Horrible Movie Scenes” series. He said funny and interesting things about a lot of different things, like “Vine Stars,” Sprint ads, and how disgusting kids’ YouTube videos are. He also has a series of videos called “Bad Movie” in which he makes fun of a number of movies.

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Due to his growing popularity, Eddy made friends with a few other YouTubers, like Gus Johnson, and joined his group, Gus Johnson & Co, with Abelina Sabrina, Nakey Jakey, Drew Gooden, and Danny Gonzalez.

Who Is Eddy Burback’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know!

In 2018, Eddy and Gus started a YouTube channel and podcast together called Gus & Eddy, where they talked about different topics. In February 2021, Burback and his twin brother Tony started a third YouTube channel called Burback. On the channel, the brothers say funny things about old video games they used to play when they were kids.

Burback was a finalist for the Shorty Awards in the YouTube Comedian category. Burback has sent work to the Buffer Festival more than once, and at the 2019 Buffer Festival, he and Gus Johnson gave the Excellence in Comedy Award.

Burback is also known for his Yikes merchandise, which is so good that people can’t stop making copies of it.