Ella Eyre is best known for her pop classics Came Here For Love and Just Got Paid, but she’s also using her platform to speak out against racial stereotypes.

The 26-year-old actress, who is half-Jamaican and half-Maltese, has been in an interracial relationship for almost four years and believes that more positive representations of relationships like hers are needed.

“I don’t believe there is enough positive representation of inter-racial dating.” I also don’t believe there are many interracial couples in the public spotlight who receive the same amount of attention as others. “I believe we have a long way to go in that regard,” Ella says.

“Because I’m mixed race, I’ve always been interracially dating, so I’m less aware of it because it’s the norm for me and the way it should be.”

“I think people just assume I’m single because I keep my relationship so private.” We’ve been living together for two years, and I’m completely content with him!”

This week marks the start of Black History Month in the United Kingdom, but Ella believes we shouldn’t stop there.

“Black History Month is the type of dialogue that all generations should be aware of, and we need it to comprehend and accurately depict black history,” she says. I don’t believe it should be limited to one month; I believe it should be taught as part of the curriculum in schools. It needs to be a discussion that takes place across the board.”

Ella took part in the anti-racism marches organized by Black Lives Matter in the United Kingdom. Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which she found inspiring, protests took held around the world in June.

Who Is Ella Eyre's Boyfriend?

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“I believe it was quite necessary for me to go and be surrounded by that enormous energy,” she adds. But reading what was published [negatively] about the demos and then being there and having a very opposite experience — I thought it was really uplifting, encouraging, and motivating – was extremely frustrating at the time. What was even more inspiring was a large number of young people present.

“It’s critical to continue this forward and ensure that it’s an integral component of the teachings we educate future generations.” Everyone, I believe, is having to take a long, hard look at what’s going on. Racism exists in the music industry, as it does in many other industries.

Who Is Ella Eyre's Boyfriend?

“I just believe it’s critical that we maintain sending out the appropriate message and that everyone is paying attention to what they’re doing,”

Ella has previously admitted to having anxiety and relies on “meditation, conversation, and exercise” to cope. She and her partner have a new French Bulldog puppy named Iggy, who is presently toilet training them.

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“I got a puppy a few weeks ago, so I’m trying to get out as often as possible to avoid him having wee and poo accidents in my house!” With pop star Ella Eyre, Badoo begins Season Two of its brutally honest multimedia series, The Truth Flirts. On Badoo UK’s YouTube page, you can watch the first episode right now.

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