Emily Tosta, who plays Letitica Cruz on Mayans MC, is a 23-year-old actress. She was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on March 26, 1998.

Liv in the horror film Willy’s Wonderland, the TV series Part Of Five, and an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles are among her past acting credits.

Clayton Cardenas is 35 years old and was born on November 24, 1985. He is an actor, painter, and spoken word poet from the United States.

He is most recognised for his performance in Mayans MC as Angel Reyes. In addition to American Crime, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and CBS’ S.W.A.T., the actor has been in a number of other shows.

Is Emily Tosta Dating Clayton Cardenas?

Emily Tosta and Clayton Cardenas appear to be dating based on the amorous comments and tales on their Instagram pages.

While neither Tosta nor Cardenas have confirmed their relationship, the two have been teasing one other on Instagram for some time.

Emily Tosta published this story on April 13th.

Who Is Emily Tosta Dating? Complete Information!

“Baby rocking the new hair,” Tosta commented with an Instagram snap of Cardenas’ new red hair.

Tosta first left a flirty comment “so handsome” beneath one of Cardenas’ photographs on 2 March, while Cardenas made a comment under one of Tosta’s pictures around 17 February.

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Despite the fact that they are 12 years apart in age, their new relationship appears to be flourishing. We wish them well with the next Mayans MC season.

Emily Tosta’s Net Worth

Emily Tosta’s net worth is believed to be $3 million. Her sources of income are diverse; she earns money from modelling, acting, and her YouTube channel.

Emily Tosta’s Early Life

Emily Tosta is a well-known American actress and YouTuber who was born in the Dominican Republic. She is well known for her channel on YouTube.

Although she was born in the Dominican Republic on March 26, 1998, Emily Tosta currently resides in the city of Los Angeles in the state of California. When she was barely 12 years old, she uprooted her life and moved to the city. Her mother’s name is Emilia Tosta, but there is no further information available about her family, including her father, siblings, or educational history.

At the age of six, Emily Tosta began her modelling career by appearing in an issue of A La Moda, a fashion magazine published in the Dominican Republic. When she was just eight years old, she made her acting debut in the production of the musical The Pied Piper of Hamelin as the principal character.

Emily Tosta’s Career

Emily Tosta began her profession when she was just eight years old. She got cast in her first major musical production. Following that, she worked on a number of musicals, including Pied Piper, Annie: The Musical, The Miracle of Fatima, and Alice in Wonderland, where she was a part of a Hameln.

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She then went on to work in movies and television series. Her performance in the hit TV series The Last Ship earned her a lot of praise. Luisa, Ervin Delgado‘s daughter, was her character. She played Carla James in the season eight episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, Home is Where the Heart Is.

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