Who Is Grace Kinstler’s Husband, Joseph Wheatley?

Hayat is Grace Kinstler’s nickname. She is a well-known singer and songwriter. She is known for how well she can sing. Kinstler is from Illinois. She was a finalist on Season 19 of American Idol and finished third in the finale. After the singing competition, she followed her passion. Just after the competition, she was “working” on her “own projects,” getting ready to record and release some music, and then working on other people’s projects.

Grace Kinstler, a finalist on “American Idol,” sang on a float promoting tourism in her home state of Illinois, and Tanya Tucker, a country music star, sang her current single, “Ready as I’ll Never Be,” as the parade’s last act.

Who Is Grace Kinstler’s Husband, Joseph Wheatley?

Fans are interested in what she does in her free time. She has been dating Joseph Wheatley for more than three years, in case you didn’t know. Find out all about Grace Kinstler’s boyfriend by reading on.

Know About Joseph Wheatley, Grace Kinstler’s Boyfriend

Grace Kinstler is dating a musician who went to Northeastern University and lives in Texas now. His name is Joseph Wheatley. Joseph is from Boston and is a beatboxer. In his own music career, he has done well. He had been in the top 16 of an East Coast BBX battle before.

Around the end of 2019, they started dating. Grace and Joseph were in a long-distance relationship while she was on American Idol.

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But they aren’t married yet, and they don’t have any kids together yet. They look like they really like each other and have a lot of fun together.

Is Grace Kinstler And Joseph Wheatley Active On Social Media?

Grace Kinstler has a lot of fans who follow her on her social media accounts. As of this writing, 231k people are following her on Instagram. You can find her on Twitter by looking for the handle @gracekinstlerofficial.

She mostly talks about her photos and videos, but sometimes she also talks about her boyfriend. Grace’s new song “LEO” came out on January 2. She even posted a picture of the song’s poster on Instagram with the caption “Leo” is out!! Listen using the link in my bio, and don’t forget to watch it LIVE this morning on @abcnetwork @nbc @peacocktv and on your local news stations as I sing it from the @enjoyillinois float in the @rose parade. Happy New Year, friends!

Who Is Grace Kinstler’s Husband, Joseph Wheatley?

Joseph Wheatley has an Instagram account with the handle @josephwheatleyofficial. He has more than 4500 followers on that account. He keeps posting pictures of himself and his girlfriend and talking about how great she is. He is very interested in her work.

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On November 12, 2022, they had been together for 3 years, so Joseph put up a picture of the two of them. In the caption, he wrote, “3 years today; I love you a lot, and smiley does too ” We’re looking forward to another fun year with you. No one backs me up more than you do. We’ll see you soon @gracekinstlerofficial”