Who Is Joy Behar’s Husband? Complete Details!

American writer, comedian, and actress Josephine Victoria “Joy” Behar is also known as “Joy.” 

ABC’s daily talk show The View is co-hosted by her.

She was the host of the HLN Joy Behar Show and Joy Behar: Say Anything! from 2009 to 2011. In 2015, Behar’s latest late-night talk show, Late Night Joy, aired on TLC. She also wrote The Great Gasbag: An A–Z Study Guide for Surviving Trump’s World.

Behar has become a well-known name since she was born on October 7, 1942. Gino Occhiuto, her father, drove a truck for the Coca-Cola Company, and Rose Occhiuto, her mother, was a seamstress. Joy was her parents’ only child.

Who Is Joy Behar's Husband? Complete Details!

Behar is a citizen of the United States and is of mixed (Italian-American) heritage.

Joy went to Washington Irving High School and got her diploma. She then went to Queens College, New York City University, to study sociology. She finished college in 1964 and went to Stony Brook University to get her master’s in English.

Joy Behar’s Love Life

Joy Behar has had two marriages.

She married her ex-husband, Joseph Behar, while she was getting her master’s degree in 1965. After she graduated, she moved to Centereach, Long Island, while her husband kept working on his Ph.D. at Stony Brook.

Eve Behar, who was born on November 26, 1970, is the couple’s daughter. In 1981, they got a divorce, and Joy took care of their daughter.

Who Is Joy Behar's Husband? Complete Details!

Joy started dating Steve Janowitz, a school teacher, a year after her divorce. The couple decided to get married in 2009, but they ended their engagement a while later. On August 11, 2011, after 29 years of living together, the couple got married. They’re still very close.

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Joy Behar’s Professional Career

Joy got her start in the work world as an English teacher at Lindenhurst Senior High School. She quit her job as a teacher and decided to try her hand at being a comedian on TV.

Joy was a receptionist for two years at Good Morning America before she was moved up to be a production assistant. She began putting on comedies at nightclubs in New York City. Her comics were about her family, women’s issues, the equality of men and women, and other political and social problems.

Joy appeared on NBC’s The New Show. She came back to Good Morning America as a guest star last year. She knew she had made it when she got her talk show Way Off-Broadway on Lifetime TV, but it only lasted for one season. Behar also hosted the show Queens’ Life and was in several comedy shows, like Cookie and One Night Stand.

Who Is Joy Behar's Husband? Complete Details!

Joy was chosen to be on the first panel of “The View,” an ABC daytime talk show that premiered on August 11, 1997. She went on the show three times a week to talk to famous people.

After working on the show for 17 years, she quit and made her last appearance in August 2013. She did, however, appear on the show as a guest co-host in 2014 and 2015.

In the movie Hiding Out from 1987, it was her first time on screen. She played the part of Gertrude. Behar then played Dottie in the movie Cookie, which came out in 1989.

She then got a recurring role as Helga Von Haupt in the TV show Baby Boom, which ran from 1988 to 1989.

Who Is Joy Behar's Husband? Complete Details!

She also acted in Nashville, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Ugly Betty, and Spin City. Behar has also written books. Joy Shtick, her first book, came out in 1999.

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What Is Joy Behar’s Net Worth?

Joy Behar is expected to have a net worth of $30 million and a salary of $7 million per year. Behar also makes money as an actress, in addition to being a comedian and a TV host.