Who Is Kit Conner Dating? All You Need To Know

“Heartstopper” star Kit Connor said he was “forced” to come out as bisexual, but fans and the show’s creators support him.

On Monday, October 31, the 18-year-old actor made a rare appearance on Twitter and said, “Return for a moment. I’m bi. Kudos for helping an 18-year-old come out of the closet.

I think some of you missed the show’s main point. Back up for a second. I’m bisexual. Kudos for helping an 18-year-old come out of the closet. I think some of you missed the show’s main point. bye

Connor didn’t say much about why he felt like he had to come out. Recently, the actor has been accused of “queerbaiting” on social media. The trouble started when he was seen holding hands with his “A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow” co-star, Maia Reficco.

Is Kit Connor Currently Dating Anyone?

Kit Conner currently seems to be not dating anyone. The teen idol seems to keep his personal things to himself. There are no rumors about his past relationships, and he has never said whether or not he was in a relationship. Netflix Life says that until we have proof to the contrary, we’ll just have to take his word for it.

Who Is Kit Conner Dating? All You Need To Know

According to CelebwikiCorner, fans noticed that Joe and his co-star Sebastian Croft uploaded the most photos together out of the whole “Heartstopper” cast. Because they were so private, some of the pictures made it look like they were dating.

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Fans have been talking about pictures of Joe and Sebastian cuddling and wearing the same jackets. Since neither one of them has said anything about it, we can only assume that Joe and Sebastian are not dating.

The storyline of the Netflix show “Heartstopper” is about two boys who meet each other. Boys stick together. Boys can find love. It is based on Alice Oseman’s novel about two students who pretend to be men. Joe Locke plays Charlie, a popular rugby player who is out, while Connor plays Nick, a popular rugby player who is not yet out.

Who Is Kit Conner Dating? All You Need To Know

In her first response to Connor’s tweet, Oseman, who created, writes, and runs the show, showed her support for him. “I don’t understand why, after watching Heartstopper, people are happy to make assumptions about sexuality and judge based on stereotypes.

All of these people should be utterly embarrassed. Kit, you’re amazing.” Kizzy Edgell, who plays Darcy in the online series, said, “I’m sorry I was so horrible to you; I love you, Kit. been treated so cruelly.”

Since Connor came out, a lot of people have been behind the London-born star. A supporter said, “My first time feeling safe and welcome as a bisexual person stopped my heart, so hearing that hstwt pressured Kit Connor into coming out is heartbreaking.”

You’ve done the one thing that scared the person who took Nick Nelson’s form the most.” One fan tweeted in response to the incident, “I can’t believe that some of you are so annoying that you watched a show about positive identity and then made Kit Connor go through the exact thing that his character was afraid of.”

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Another person agreed, saying, “Coming out should be empowering, but Kit Connor was forced to tell everyone about his bisexuality before he was ready because of false claims that were meant to hurt gay people.” This is a very bad situation. I hope he’s okay and that the people who hurt him will change their minds and learn something good from this.”