Who Is Maya Hawke? Is She Gay? Details Inside!

Maya Hawke is a name that most people have heard of if they watch Netflix and the shows that stream there. She is more likely to be remembered for her role as Robin Buckley in Stranger Things than for her role as Maya Hawke. Stranger Things is one of the most well-known shows ever. People are very confused about her sexuality because she plays a lesbian in the play. On the internet, there were a lot of rumors about her sexual interests.

So let’s learn more about Maya Hawke and find out some interesting things about her.

Is Maya Hawke Gay?

Unlike the beautiful American actress Robin, the model is probably not gay. Even though she plays an oddball lesbian teen in two Netflix shows, Do Revenge and the science-fiction thriller Stranger Things, she is probably straight and interested in men in real life since she has been seen dating men.

Who Is Maya Hawke? Is She Gay? Details Inside!

People all over the world were very interested in Maya Hawke’s sexuality because she played lesbian characters in both of her great roles. But as far as I know, her lesbian traits are only for movies. In real life, she is straight.

Maya Hawke Biography

Maya Hawke was born on July 8, 1998, so in 2022, she would be twenty-four years old. She started acting professionally when she was 19. Her first job was as Jo March in the TV miniseries version of Little Women.

We all know that Maya Hawke comes from Hollywood royalty because both of her parents were famous actors and actresses at the time. So, when we saw her shine like a star, we wondered where she got her charm, easy smile, and sharp wit in acting.

People thought that her parents were one of the coolest couples in the late 1990s. They met on the set of Gattaca in 1996, and their relationship grew and grew until 1998 when they got married. They both like Levon and Maya. But when they decided to split up, that was the most shocking news in Hollywood.

Who Is Maya Hawke? Is She Gay? Details Inside!

There were rumors that Ethan Hawke was cheating on his wife, and it was proven when he married their family’s nanny, Ryan. And he has two daughters with his wife.

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Know About Maya Hawke Current Relationship

When we look into the personal life of Robin, whose real name is Maya Hawke, we hear that she is in a relationship with Spencer Barnett, a fascinating musician.

Levan Hawke, Maya’s brother, set them up, and they tried hard to keep their relationship a secret for a long time. This couple has a four-year age gap between them, and their families have some things in common.

Spencer Barnett is a famous musician who is the son of Sloan Barnett, who used to be the district attorney for Manhattan, and Roger Barnett, who works for Shaklee Corporation. Spencer’s life is mostly about music, and he likes a mix of styles like indie, rock, and pop.

Maya Hawke’s Past Relationships

The internet is full of rumors, and many names have been linked to Maya Hawke’s name. Before she became famous for the great roles she played, people were interested in who she was dating. Late in 2019, there were rumors that Maya Hawke and Gus Wenner, the CEO and President of Rolling Stone, were often seen on each other’s social media. But before the relationship could grow into something, it just ended.

Maya Hawke is not an open book, and she doesn’t like it when you tell her more, but it was clear when she did interviews to promote her music albums that the breakup with Gus hurt her a lot.

Who Is Maya Hawke? Is She Gay? Details Inside!

Later, around mid-2020, Maya Hawke’s name was listed with that of actor Tom Sturridge. In December 2021, they were seen walking around New York City all together in a cozy group. Before they were seen together in New York City, they were seen walking around barefoot in Hampton. We all know that Tom Sturridge is Sienna Miller’s ex-boyfriend and that he is the biggest star of The Sandman.

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Fans wondered if they were still together when their relationship became a topic of conversation, but neither of them ever confirmed nor denied the rumors.

When we look closely at her past relationships, we might find that the actress seems to like guys who are older than she is. Gus Wenner is eight years older than her, and Maya is thirteen years younger than Tom Sturridge. So it’s more likely that she likes a man who is much older than her.