Who Is Maya Jama Dating? Complete Info!

After she was caught flashing a large diamond ring during a coffee stroll date in Philadelphia with her basketball bae, Ben Simmons, the rumours of Maya Jama and Ben Simmons being engaged began to circulate.

There are rumours that Maya Jama and Ben Simmons are going to get married.

Maya has been seen wearing the enormous sparkler on countless public occasions since the rumoured engagement. The couple made their romance official when they sealed it with a kiss at the Wimbledon tennis championship last summer.

Everything you need to know about the relationship of the newly engaged couple is included in the following.

2022 Valentine’s Day

Maya shared photos of her bedroom, which was decked with rose petal snaps and bunches of roses, as Ben went all out for his suspected fiancée.

Maya also added a ring emoji to an infinity necklace with the date 12/08/21 to her Instagram story, indicating the date the couple got engaged.

Who Is Maya Jama Dating? Complete Info!

At the BRIT Awards, she was spotted.

Maya was photographed on the red carpet of the BRIT Awards in February 2022, flashing her massive diamond sparkler.

Mo, the show’s host, During the ceremony, the Comedian also nodded at Maya’s engagement ring, which Maya responded to with a flirty smile!

Engaged! 💍

Maya Jama and Ben Simmons are apparently engaged, as she was seen flaunting a massive diamond ring during a coffee stroll date with her basketball bae in Philadelphia.

Who Is Maya Jama Dating? Complete Info!

According to a source close to the couple, the basketball player proposed to Maya over the holidays after she spent the holidays at his £3.7 million estate in New Jersey.

Official Instagram

Maya proved her fans wrong when she uploaded a slew of stories following her photo on a private flight.

The actress appeared to have travelled to the United States to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday.

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Maya made their romance official on Instagram with a series of photos from her vacation.

The actress uploaded from Ben’s opulent house, including a video of him putting his palm over her face.

Who Is Maya Jama Dating? Complete Info!

She continued to entertain her fans by responding to a fan’s question, “How’s Ben?” with a photo of herself smiling that included part of Simmon’s face.

On his birthday, Maya proceeded to flaunt her boo by uploading a photo tribute to her narrative.

Ben watched and laughed as the star presented a video of a Mariachi Band.

Maya flew out to pay him a visit

Maya shared a photo of herself on board a private plane on Instagram in July 2021.

The host was photographed twice and seen dancing in the final footage.

“Out of office,” she captioned the photo.

Fans then filled the comments section, claiming that the jet belonged to Simmons, whom she was visiting.

@bensimmons coming through with the jet,” one commenter commented, while another wondered, “heading to America?”

At Wimbledon, spotted

When they were seen together at Wimbledon, they made it official.

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Maya and Ben were seen smiling and kissing as they left the tournament together.

The rumours began

Maya was photographed in a kitchen that was claimed to belong to her boyfriend, which sparked dating rumours.

The presenter was wearing red basketball shorts similar to those worn by the NBA star in prior photos.

Rumors persisted after the two were seen exchanging love hearts in the comments section of one of Maya’s Instagram photos.

Following that, Ben posted a screenshot of the two talking on FaceTime and sharing large grins.

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