Who Is Mick Jagger’s Ex Girlfriend?

Michael Philip Jagger (born July 26, 1943) is an English singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer who rose to international prominence as the Rolling Stones’ lead vocalist and one of the band’s founding members. One of the most successful songwriting collaborations in history is with Keith Richards.

Jagger’s career lasted six decades, and he has been called “one of the most popular and influential frontmen in rock & roll history.” Richards’ guitar approach, combined with his distinctive voice and passionate live performances, have been the Rolling Stones’ trademark throughout the band’s tenure.

Is Mick Jagger Dating?

Noor Alfallah, and Mick Jagger‘s together on April 9.

Noor, 28, donned a lace black top and leather pants to the meal, while Al, 81, wore a black button-down shirt, a blazer, and slacks.

Noor has a history of mixing with famous people. She dated Mick, now 78, for about a year between 2017 and 2018, and was later photographed with Clint Eastwood, 91, at Craig’s restaurant in 2019. “There is no relationship,” she later denied they were dating.

Julian’s exhibit “For Esme—With Love and Squalor,” which opened at Pace Gallery in Los Angeles, was celebrated by the group. The gallery revealed on Instagram that her exhibition, which runs until May 21, includes 13 velvet paintings and a big bronze sculpture.

Jason, 42, posted an Instagram snapshot of the “great night” table of seven, as well as photos of everyone at the gallery earlier in the evening, writing, “very fortunate to spend supper with legends.”

Who Is Mick Jagger's Ex Girlfriend?

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In 2020, he ended his relationship with Meital Dohan. According to the Daily Mail, Meital told La’Isha magazine that the 39-year age disparity was the reason for the breakup, stating, “It’s hard to be with a man so elderly, even Al Pacino.”

Past Relationship

His relationship with Richards is “love/hate.” In a 1998 interview, Richards stated: “I see our disagreements as a family feud. If I scream and yell at him, it’s because no one else has the courage to do it, or they’re being paid not to. At the same time, I’m hoping Mick understands that I’m simply a buddy trying to get him to follow the rules and do what needs to be done. Despite the US top five hits “Harlem Shuffle,” the Rolling Stones’ album Dirty Work (UK & US number four) received negative reviews when it was released in March 1986.

Tensions between Richards and Jagger at an all-time low, Jagger refused to perform in support of the record, opting instead to embark on his own solo tour, which featured songs by the Rolling Stones.

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This phase in Richards’ relationship with Jagger has been dubbed “World War III” by him. The band was on the verge of breaking up due to internal strife at the time. Jagger’s solo albums, She’s the Boss (UK number 6 US number 13 and Primitive Cool UK number 26; US number 41 1987, were moderately successful, while Richards recorded his solo album in 1988.

Richards recorded his debut solo album, Talk Is Cheap, in 1988, when the Rolling Stones were essentially inactive UK number 37; US number 24. It was well-received by both fans and critics, and it went gold in the United States. For their 25th anniversary, the Rolling Stones released 255: the Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones, a documentary spanning the band’s history.