Who Is Mollie Gallagher's Boyfriend?

The actress, who lives in Manchester with her partner, Dan Myers, flaunted her new hair and appeared to have lost her classic goth style.

Mollie was all smiled, who is a guitarist with the band Inego and works on the Corrie crew.

After revealing the blonde streaks in her hair, she cuddled up to Dan in a beautiful Instagram shot. Three pink love heart emojis were used to caption the sweet photo.

In October, the 23-year-old first flaunted her peroxide blonde and raven-colored hair while posing for a photo in a black and white wool sweater.

After struggling to shut off from Nina’s heartbreaking murder scenes, Mollie shared how Dan helped her switch off from her Corrie part during her dark storylines this year.

In a horrifying hate crime incident similar to the real-life attack on Sophie Lancaster in 2007, Nina’s lover Seb Franklin was kicked to death by Corey Brent and his group of thugs.

But, speaking about how her job has taken a toll on her emotions and how she’s found it difficult to shut off from all of Nina’s suffering at the end of the day, the soap star revealed: “We were all still on lockdown when the Nina and Seb plot began, so nothing was open.

In their social media photos, the couple appears to be in love, and they recently celebrated their anniversary and Valentine’s Day within a few days of each other.

“Valentine’s Day and our anniversary all in two days,” Mollie captioned a photo of the couple.

“I love you Mol and Dan, and I wish you a happy one-year anniversary.”

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“You couldn’t visit your friends at the pub. Fortunately, I live with my boyfriend, so after work and on weekends, we would do little things together “She went on to The Sun’s TV Magazine.

“However, because I wasn’t doing anything other than work, I was practically being Nina more than Mollie.”

Who Is Molly Gallagher's Boyfriend?

Mollie cried when she accepted an NTA in September for her performance as Nina, a goth who is savagely beaten for her choice of attire, resulting in the murder of her boyfriend Seb.

Sophie Lancaster, whose terrible true tale and death inspired the screenplay, was honored during her acceptance speech.

She told The Sun that she couldn’t believe she’d been nominated for the NTAs for Serial Drama Performance.

“I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me back then that I’d be nominated myself,” Mollie admitted.

“When I was in acting school, I went to see the NTAs as an audience seat filler in 2018.” I was nervous, but it was thrilling to see all of the celebrities.

Who Is Molly Gallagher's Boyfriend?

“I was a great Corrie fan and I was anxious to sit with the Corrie cast,” Mollie, who was studying at London’s Academy of Live and Recorded Arts at the time, says. However, I was on the other side of the room.

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“I was pretty emotional when Lucy Fallon, who played Bethany Platt, received the Best Serial Performance award that year.”

“I was laughing with my pals when I got nominated this year about how ridiculous it is that I went from being a seat filler watching Lucy to being up for the same award.”