Who Is Noella Dating? Everything You Need To Know!

Noella Bergener Confirms Her New Relationship On The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Following her divorce from her husband, James Bergener, Noella Bergener of The Real Housewives of Orange County stated she is in a new relationship. As part of the current cast shake-up, Noella was presented to fans at the start of RHOC season 16 in December 2021. She joined the Bravo series alongside Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, a newcomer to RHOC, and Heather Dubrow, a returning cast member. Noella was a happily married woman with a little family when she first appeared on RHOC.

When James owed the IRS millions of dollars in tax liens, Noella‘s life was turned upside down. James filed for divorce from Noella shortly after the news broke. The reality star was heartbroken since she had always believed James was her true love. The fact that he had been MIA since she was served the papers and hadn’t even made an effort to see their son astounded her the most.

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Who Is Noella Dating? Everything You Need To Know!

Noella claimed she is in a relationship in a recent interview with E! News. “I’m in a relationship!” exclaims the speaker. At the DirecTV Drag Bowl, Noella, who is a terrific addition to RHOC, told the outlet exclusively. The mother of two also stated that she does not want to share her new men’s identity in order to “be respectful.” “I can’t wait to tell you more,” Noella said, smiling. Following her tumultuous divorce from James, which is presently being aired on RHOC, the Bravo star deserves to be happy. Noella has had little to no contact with James since the pair split up. Noella told E!, “The last text discussion we had was about him coming to collect his belongings.” “He has a wardrobe worth a quarter-million dollars. He owns a fleet of automobiles. That’s exactly what I meant when I told the girls he literally took his toothbrush.”

James hasn’t been back to their house since filing for divorce, according to Noella, save to pick up a few possessions. Noella, on the other hand, revealed that James has been in and out of Orange County since their split, returning every two weeks. Noella’s lawyers were “irritated” when she refused to serve him papers when he was sleeping at a nearby hotel. Noella feels James experienced a mid-life crisis while also feeling ashamed about his recent tax troubles, which led to his abrupt divorce from their marriage. Despite the fact that her relationship ended while she was filming a TV show, Noella relished the opportunity to talk about her recent troubles.

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It was a means for the audience to connect with Noella and for Noella to feel less alone in her predicament, according to Noella. When it came to the RHOC cast members who were the most supportive of her throughout the breakup of her relationship, Noella stated that all of the women were supportive. “Shannon [Beador] is incredible,” she said, adding that she and Heather had a few “real, nice moments.”

Despite the breakdown of her marriage, Noella has met a new person with whom she can spend her time. Noella and James had a tumultuous relationship, to begin with, and now she wants to enjoy herself with her new man. Maybe next season, fans will get to meet Noella’s new love interest.