Alert: new couple! In advance of Southern Charm season 8, Austen Kroll and his girlfriend Olivia Flowers are prepared to publicly display their relationship.

The relationship between Austen, 34, and Olivia was exclusively confirmed to Us Weekly on Monday, May 16, just hours after Bravo unveiled the first image from the forthcoming season of the Charleston-based show.

Who Is Olivia Flowers? Know her dating status with Austen Kroll!

Olivia is a great, gorgeous woman who has joined the cast, so to speak. In order to promote the new season, the North Carolina native told Us during the NBCUniversal upfront presentation, “I’m just so happy for people to meet her. She genuinely, in my opinion, restores the charm of our program.

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“She is the right sort of person that we should have around, like, we want to be around her,” the founder of Kings Calling Brewing raved over his woman. It was thus quite wonderful to have her on board.

Before they started dating, the pair was pals, according to Austen. He made light of the fact that their romance will be shown on the reality show by saying, “I’ve known her for a year and a half already. “You’ll undoubtedly see where it starts and how it concludes. And as I’m trying to figure it out, there are definitely some ebbs and flows.

The co-host of the podcast “Pillows and Beer” once dated Madison LeCroy, who joined the Southern Charm cast in season 6. Madison, 31, revealed to Us in December 2020 that the couple had permanently broken up.

On Monday, Austen didn’t talk much about his situation with Olivia, 30, but he did praise her for having an optimistic outlook on life.

“[She] is from a respectable background. She has [a] backbone and is incredibly nice, he told Us, calling it “wonderful” that he could now discuss her freely following the release of the season 8 teaser earlier that day.

Viewers may see that Madison and Austen may get tense due to the photographer’s growing romance in Bravo’s first look at the drama-filled season. The hairdresser and Olivia seem to argue while at one of the cast’s numerous opulent parties, despite the fact that the hairstylist is engaged to Brett Randle.

After seeing one other on Taylor Ann Green’s social media page in December 2021, Austen and Olivia started dating. The gang, which also included Shep Rose, Taylor’s long-term partner, was filming season 8 of the reality show at the time.

Who Is Olivia Flowers? Know her dating status with Austen Kroll!

When the beermaker and Olivia accompanied Shep, 42, and Taylor, 27, on a romantic trip to Napa, California, earlier this month, they added fire to the romance rumors. Austen described the recent trip, which featured the men serving as judges for Hall Wines, as “simply Napa has done well.”

Despite furious disputes regarding Austen’s previous relationship with Madison and other ups and downs, the author of Average Expectations is supportive of Shep’s new partner.

I adore it. My girlfriend Taylor is standing just over there. Shep told Us on Monday that Olivia is adored by her. We must all travel to Napa together and behave like fools so that the females will laugh at our foolishness.

The eighth season of Southern Charm will debut on Bravo on Thursday, June 23, at 9 p.m. ET.

For more information about Austen’s new amour, continue reading:

  1. Where Was She Raised?

Some of my first memories with my family were established in this calm spot, before relocating from Laguna Beach, California, to Greenville, South Carolina, Olivia stated on social media in April 2021. She revealed that she was once a California girl by posting a picture of Palm Desert, California.

Olivia has resided in Dallas, Los Angeles, and South Carolina over the years in addition to Laguna Beach.

  1. What College Did She Attend?

The former inhabitant of Los Angeles received her Clemson University diploma in May 2015.

3. How Does She Make Her Living?

After years of working as a model, the TV personality recently transitioned to being a photographer and cameraman. You may view her work with Koz Films, a Charleston-based company, on their social media website.

  1. Who Is Her Favorite Late Musician?

Olivia has frequently shown her admiration for Elvis Presley on Instagram. In honor of the release of the first trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, which will be seen in theatres in June 2022, she paid tribute to the late artist in February 2022.

“I’ve been waiting for this Elvis celebration for a while! The soulful voice of Elvis played throughout my early years. As a nostalgic old soul, I’ve always believed that oldies music and movies encapsulate all that is nostalgic. Through cinematic time travel, “bio-dramas provide every generation a sense of the influence icons like Elvis had on our planet. I’m present for this one as well.

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  1. Does She Have Reality TV Experience?

Before making her Southern Charm debut in 2009, Olivia appeared on MTV’s Teen Cribs. Alongside her brother Conner Flowers, she displayed her Dallas playroom, movie room, backyard pool, and golf area. Olivia shot the episode when she was 17 years old.

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