Who Is Olivia Neill’s Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Details!

When you thought the Flossie and Olivia Neill drama was done, new rumors about Olivia’s alleged new lover emerged. You need some background information, though, before we continue. So basically, there have been rumors that the girls are no longer friends, but after the pair published a YouTube Original series and Olivia launched a new podcast, many have speculated that the whole thing was just a big publicity trick and they never actually split up.

That was it up until they both posted photos of themselves together at Winter Wonderland, despite not actually being together. But did you notice Olivia’s companion there Orlando, also known as the person that everyone thinks is seeing Olivia Neill.

Who is Olivia Neill dating?

As far as we are aware, Olivia Neill appears to be unmarried.

She was allegedly dating Orlando Giannini at the conclusion of the previous year. Orlando had just relocated to London, and everything appeared to fit together.

Sadly, Olivia Neill announced the breakup of their relationship on her podcast Inner Monologue with Olivia Neill.

Who is Orlando Gianni?

Orlando Gianni plays a variety of instruments. Orly Chorley is the name he uses on social media, but as far as we are aware, Orlando is the identity he uses in day-to-day interactions.

Despite the fact that Olivia has 774k more Instagram followers than Orlando, who has 8721, she is clearly more social media adept than him and is in a completely another league.

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What happened with Olivia Neill and Orlando Gianni?

Olivia and Orlando were the subjects of rumors that initially surfaced in October 2021 after Olivia was seen wearing one of Orlando’s sweaters. The disputed jumper was a distinctly identifiable white knit Ralph Lauren item that was visible in one of Orlando’s Instagram images from July.

Olivia appeared in an identical jumper on a YouTube video she uploaded in October of that year, so it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence, could it? Some keen-eyed viewers even claimed to have seen Orlando on Olivia’s phone screensaver in the same video.

Orlando follows Flossie’s ex-boyfriend on Instagram

Orlando, therefore, shared this image of himself with a friend in July of this year. The white knit Ralph Lauren jumper Olivia can be seen wearing in a video she published to her channel last month in October is the identical one he is wearing in the shot.

This one is credited to the Tattle Life posters who unanimously assert that Orlando is depicted on Olivia’s phone screen Of course, no one has confirmed or disputed anything, but the fact that Orlando follows Will on Instagram strongly suggests that they are acquainted.

Who Is Olivia Neill's Boyfriend?

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A fan of Olivia and Lewys uploaded a video to TikTok, where it has received over 4,000 likes and 60,000 views. Screenshots from Lewys’ Instagram account from the evening they all visited Winter Wonderland are shown in the movie. Lewis shared a photo of Olivia sitting next to a boy wearing a camouflage jacket, and lo and behold, Orlando wears the same garment in his own story.