While on vacation with his girlfriend Rebecca Cooke, Manchester City striker Phil Foden was asked to leave a beach club where he was a guest.

A video was taken of Foden’s partner yelling in front of other people who were on vacation in Corfu, “Do you think I’m a d*** head?” before the two of them were physically removed from the property.

After returning from a dip in the ocean to discover his partner upset, the England international got into a violent argument with his partner. She was upset because he had been swimming in the ocean. The Sun on Sunday was able to get video footage that shows Rebecca yelling at Foden as the two of them are being escorted by two bouncers up steps out of the beach club.

Who Is Phil Foden's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

It is possible to make out Cooke pointing her finger not only at Foden but also in the direction in which they had been seated just a moment ago. At one point in the performance, Cooke gets her head quite near to that of her lover before asking him, “Do you think I’m a d***head?”

While Foden and his girlfriend were being escorted out of the venue by security, Foden’s partner could be overheard saying, “Yeah, I wonder why, mate,” and then demanding, “Tell her and all,” when the City star did not respond. This married couple met when they were young and have been together ever since. They now have two children.

After arriving in Glyfada Beach, Corfu, on Wednesday in a luxury van with their own protection, Foden’s parents Phil senior and Claire were also present at the event.

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An earlier sighting of the offensive midfielder for City was made along the shore, where he was photographed posing with fans. A subsequent video shows Foden’s mother and father leaving the location of the altercation as well.

A source informed the Sun that the incident in question was a brawl between a football player and his girlfriend. She was yelling and shrieking at the top of her lungs. They were just passing through for the day. The beach was the place where everything got began. It was quite hostile and strenuous.

“At that point, they entered the pub, and she immediately began yelling at him. This sort of activity doesn’t typically occur at this location.” Someone another chimed in and said, “She was in his face, and Foden did not answer.” They traveled of their own volition.

Who Is Phil Foden's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

“When we arrived, he was on his way into the restroom, so I asked him for a picture before he went in, and he said “No,” which I thought was really impolite of him. While we were lounging on the patio, they were enjoying themselves on the beach below. The next thing you know, you see them heading up the stairs while having a heated quarrel with each other. It happened all of a sudden.

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“They were barely there for perhaps five minutes before they abruptly left. She was yelling profanities at him and getting in his face the whole time. Additionally, it is a very upscale location.”

Another source claims that Foden’s mother could be overheard mumbling that she was “fed up with the drama.”

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