Who Is Pouya’s Girlfriend? Complete Biography, Relationship Info!

Kevin Pouya (born December 20, 1994), better known by his stage name Pouya, is a Miami-based rapper. Pouya began rapping professionally in 2011,and dropped out of high school before completing his education. To make ends meet, he worked as a busboy at a restaurant for a year after graduating from high school. He linked up with childhood friend Fat Nick to form the Buffet Boys, a band that would later turn into their record label. The Nick and Pouya Program was a YouTube comedy show they had when they were younger.

Pouya’s first mixtape, Fuck It, was released in 2012. He rose to prominence after releasing the song “Get Buck” in 2013. Pouya released Gookin’, a collaboration EP with Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids, on November 20, 2013. After Rocks relocated to Miami, the two became acquainted.

Is Pouya Dating Anyone In 2022?

Кevіn Роuуа іѕ сurrentlу іn а rеlаtіоnѕhір wіth mоdеl Yоung Сосо.

Who Is Pouya's Girlfriend?

young baby coco long-term relationship with Kevin Pouya, a rapper from the United States, or her lucrative cosmetics line, Baby Coco Lash. She is 28 years old and on the verge of success, but the road has not been easy and may not be over yet.

Neville was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma last year, a rare type of Stage 3 cancer that strikes one to three people out of a million each year. She has undergone chemotherapy and is currently undergoing radiation treatment.

Who Is Pouya's Girlfriend?

Her exceptional cheerfulness throughout these health issues demonstrate her perseverance and determination to give up, despite the terrible truth of her illness and the physical toll of the necessary therapies. We spoke with Young Baby Coco about her everyday struggles, unwavering support, starting a business from the ground up, and how Instagram has changed her life.

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He has been dating her since 2013, and she is a well-known Instagram celebrity. However, she passed away in 2017 from Synovial Sarcoma cancer.

Pouya’s Professional Life

Pouya drops out of high school before graduating and embarks on a professional career as a rapper. He worked as a busboy at a restaurant to make ends meet. In the beginning of his career, he collaborated with Fat Nick, his best buddy. With one of his best friends, he produced the Buffet Boys rap. “Baby bone” is another stage name he uses.


He is an American citizen. After the song “Gookin,” he undoubtedly garnered a lot of attention. Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids collaborated on this track. He also did some work for a comedy program on YouTube. His different songs have been released, and he has had a very successful career. Stunna, his first solo tape, was released in 2015. Then, along the way, He has released Buffet Boys label as a studio album as a result of his achievement.

Under the Buffet Boys label, he released his debut studio album Underground Champion in 2016.  On the Billboard 200, the album reached #156.  On Volumes’ album Different Animals in 2017, he was a featured performer on the song “On Her Mind” by progressive metalcore band Volumes. Drop Out of School, a joint mixtape with Fat Nick, was released the same year.  

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He released his second studio album, Five Five, in 2018.  Pouya’s third studio album, The South Got Something to Say, was released on June 30, 2019. City Morgue, Juicy J, and Ghostemane all made appearances on the album.