Rob Kardashian is a person who likes to keep things quiet. He prefers to avoid the limelight.

In that sense, he’s distinguished himself from his well-known sisters. He’s not the type to broadcast his every step on Instagram. Although it appears like he was the only one who learned something,

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum tends to not want to be on camera. Despite this, he continues to make news whenever he is spotted in public. When he has a new lady love, he also makes news.

Rumors of him having a new girlfriend have resurfaced, with some believing he does.

Who Is Rob Kardashian Dating?

rob kardashian and liana levi

It’s been speculated that the Rob and Liana Levi are dating one other behind closed doors, and fans have discovered a key clue to back up this rumour up.

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An Instagram Story from friend and fashion designer Nicholas Bijan was reshared by Forma Pilates firm founder Nicholas Bijan on February 24. A baby girl was born to Roxy and Bjjan on February 22, 2013. Rob also used the same photo for his Instagram Stories. An accompanying photo showed a note from him and his girlfriend Liana congratulating the happy couple on the birth of their first child.

Nicholas and Roxy, Congratulations!” It was written on a pink rose-strewn card. “So happy and excited for this next chapter in your lives. Can’t wait to meet your little princess. Love, Liana and Rob.”

Rob Kardashian and Liana Levi

Another hint came in the form of a thank you message from the pleased papa to both Rob Kardashian and Liana Levi.

Rob Kardashian captioned the picture with “We love you” with a heart and blushing emojis as he shared it to his Stories. Her own Story captioned the image with “The OG crew,” which Liana had written herself.

Several fans wondered if the picture was a sign that Rob was dating Liana once they saw it. On Instagram Stories, Amanda Hirsch even shared a screenshot of the post from the Not Skinny But Not Fat platform.

When Liana confessed in December 2021 that she had recently ended a prior engagement with her then-fiancé, Amanda looked deeper into Rob’s potential relationship with Liana. In the shot, Rob sat next to Liana and covered her eyes while she posed for the camera. 

“Knew each other forever!” Amanda captioned her Instagram Story. “That’s why they called themselves the ‘OG’s.’ So, maybe [they’re] just good friends?” 

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So yet, neither Rob nor Liana have made any statements about their relationship.

Rob Kardashian’s net worth:

In spite of his long absence from the spotlight, Rob Kardashian has amassed a hefty $10 million in net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Through 2007 until 2021, E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians was a huge part of that total, which is reported to have come from his appearances on the NBC-owned channel. E! had to pay a lot of money to keep KUWTK because it had grown to be the most popular show on the network.

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