The two spent their evenings playing Call of Duty: WWII with mutual buddies.

Does she have someone new in her life?

Sarah Silverman has a new lover, and she met him without ever leaving her apartment.

During an appearance on Thursday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comic discussed how her fledgling relationship began after she returned to video games after the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in March.

“As the world came to a halt, I decided to restart my video game playing. It was unavoidable. “This is the appropriate time,” she said. “So I went to the nearest GameStop, which was still open, and bought a console and a few games.” And I became really into Call of Duty: WWII, which isn’t the most recent but is one of my favorites.”

Silverman, 49, did not name the person but said she received a direct message on Twitter from someone she “randomly” knew through similar connections, wanting to play online with her.

Sarah Silverman found love in Quarantine?

“We were both quarantined.” We’d throw the pots and pans out the window on the fire escape every night at 7:05 p.m. — I was in New York, so 7 p.m. — It sounded like a primal scream from the crowd. Being in New York at the time was actually rather wonderful ” She recalled something. “At 7:05 p.m., I’d put on my headset and join this fellow in shooting Nazis.”

She went on to say, “He came out here and now he’s living out here, and it’s fantastic.” “I feel like mentioning it on Ellen would jinx things, but I can’t help myself!”

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Sarah and Michael Split

Sarah Silverman divorced actor Michael Sheen in late 2017 after a four-year relationship. According to the former, I Love You, America host, her current boyfriend has been “very patient” with her as she adjusts to her new relationship.

“I believe I was single for a long time,” she said, “and what I realized is that I prefer being alone, that I require solitude, and I was afraid to give up any of it.” “So far, we’ve had two sleepovers, both of which went off without a hitch. I usually send him home, and he’s fine with it — they’ve always been great so far, you know, early on. But I have a bedtime ritual that I consider to be a date with myself, and I’m hesitant to give it up.”

“Then I do my full face routine and eat a giant bowl of Grape Nuts while watching Law & Order [episodes] that I’ve seen a million times,” she revealed. “These are the tiny things that I like, lust after, and rely on to fall asleep. But when he came over to sleep, I did those things and he just sat there. It worked absolutely perfectly. So who’s to say?”

Sheen, 51, and Silverman, 57, appear to have remained friends. The actress revealed their breakup with host Jimmy Kimmel, whom she has also dated, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2018. She said that she and Sheen were friendly and had even met up in a “bro” setting.

“I’m good at distinguishing that,” she explained. “I can’t believe you’re a sexual being!”

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Sarah Silverman enjoys the summer sunshine with her new boyfriend Rory Albanese

On Friday, Sarah Silverman and her boyfriend Rory Albanese enjoyed the summer sunshine while walking their dog in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old comic and her boyfriend appeared to be enjoying the summer heat as they walked down the street with their dog in seriously casual outfits.

Since March 2020, when they first began spending time in each other’s company, the actress and her beau have been romantically associated.

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During her walk, Silverman wore a white undershirt and a pair of cutoff light blue denim shorts.

While spending time with her lover, the actress also wore hiking boots and neon green socks.

The voice actress for Wreck-It Ralph wore sunglasses and a red bandana around her neck, as well as a green fanny pack around her waist.

As she walked down the city’s walkways, her lovely brunette hair was braided into a long braid that fell across her chest and backside.

Albanese, 44, wore a white tee and shorts while spending time with his partner.

While taking their dog some exercise, the producer wore a cap and tinted glasses.

Last year, mutual friends met Silverman and Albanese, and the two became friends.

The actress had a brief romance with fellow comedian Dave Attell before being connected with the writer.

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